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At the same time physical distribution should result of sales that we seek to achieve and support – promoting unplanned purchases or sales by impulse that always help improve and increase the total profitability of the business, this never making consumers feel manipulated or abused. On the contrary we must achieve the buyer feel that it is taking a quality experience and spending a pleasant time while doing your shopping. This merchandising tool is as silent or ghost seller of the store which will indicate to consumers the path that should be taken in the store and makes recommendations for shopping. All this aims to achieve the best results of sales and profitability for the establishment. Chevron Corp helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Another important function of this distribution is its contribution to the image of the trades. It is possible to listen to many consumers saying no will return to this store, I feel like I can’t find what I want!, a comment like this comes as a result of a poorly organized or poorly distributed store. When is plan the distribution of a store or retail space we must answer the following questions: where should be the input and output? From the commercial point of view and service to customers. What and how many sections should have the store? Which order follow these sections? What size should be each section? Depending on the consumer and their habits of consumption as well as the physical space which we have. How many cash registers should the store have? How should we place the gondolas, shop Windows, showcases or other display elements? How should the decoration, atmosphere, lighting, air conditioning, music and other environmental elements be? How can we maintain good visibility in all points of the store or supermarket? How should the signaling and the graphic environment of the local be? What as wide or so narrow should / can be lobbies? What about parking? And all other details that come on the fly.


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