The Baby Teeth Care, Baby Shampoo And Baby Bath

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The baby care in is divided into four categories. Ralphs will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Once the baby skin care, baby teeth care, baby shampoo and baby bath. Learn more on the subject from Cyrus Massoumi. The baby care at, these are the baby skin care, baby dental care, the baby shampoo and baby room. Only natural products without additives should be used for baby skin care. has an extensive product range for the gentle baby care in its range, such as for example the Weleda Calendula cream in 50 ml tube for 5.95 euros, or the Weleda Calendula wash lotion and Shampoo 200 ml tube for 6.45 euros. There is a wide range of 15 products in the baby skin care. The still very thin baby skin has usually no stratum corneum and therefore no sufficient protection. Also, the sebaceous glands are not yet fully operational.

For this reason the skin of the babies of special protection needs. It recommended baby for example Lavira skin protection lotion neutral in 200 ml tube for 10.95 euros, or in the field the body care and protection for frequent diaper wearing the product by Martina Gebhardt, the Demeter baby diaper cream in 100 milliliter cans at a price of 12.95 euros. When the baby bath should be taken on a comfortable hold of the child, and to a temperature of 37 degrees Celsius. The skin of the child protected by the sebum duties can dry out quickly, because the protective layer of the skin of the baby not long upheld. Therefore, the baby should be bathed not too long. A few minutes is sufficient. For the baby bath, almond oil bath baby and kids in the 200 milliliter Pack for 7.95 euros and the Lavena recommend the Lavena skin protection oil bath baby-neutral in the 200 milliliter Pack of 10.95 euros.


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