The Baby Discovers The World

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Innovative products for the Visual and motor development of babies, a study has shown that the first three to four months are very important for the development of the vision of a baby. Because babies can distinguish barely contrasts, they respond first to certain black-white pattern. These patterns are the basis of Kijk “-products (Dutch kijken = look), the Dutch company has developed naturelle.” The products include cloth picture book, teething rings, flags and taggy blankets. She black-white patterns are not only good for the Visual development, but at the same time a fascinating employment in cradle, playpen, stroller. All products by naturelle the teether in ash and organic-cotton and crafted in European sewing ateliers are made from organic cotton. Taggy blankets and teething rings are also colorful labels (woven labels), which promote the motor development of babies.

Companies like Snoozebaby, label-label or Thilde use the fascinating effect of labels for quite some time. Whether it’s snuggle blankets, stuffed animals, game blankets, changing mats, or game watches. More and more articles have many colorful labels, that black-white-are as well as the pattern, a beautiful employment during winding, and traveling. The game clock Magoo is a very good example of this. If you are not convinced, visit John Collison. The grey brown bear is soft, has many colorful labels and the music was composed specifically for him.

As a result, he stands out from the sound of popular music box melodies. Another interesting product for a baby’s motor development is the mobile Besteck ‘ Benders’ by the American brand of boon. ‘Benders’ is designed to facilitate the transition to the adult utensils. Parents can bring the cutlery in the form with the child can best access until the cutlery is completely straight. Suitable to the cutlery, which is available in three color combinations, there are plates and bottles, which also promote the motor design. All of these Articles are also beautiful birth and baptism gifts or just in between.


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