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This medication acts for diverse ways, increasing hemoglobina fetal, diminishing adherent leukocytes and reticulcitos to the endotlio and raising the nitric oxide levels. ANEMIAS OF CHRONIC ILLNESSES Are sanguineous alterations that occur in physiological situations and illnesses not hemolticas in the child in infancy, pregnancy, aged, serious alcoholism, hepatopatias and in malignant patients with neoplasia. PHYSIOLOGICAL ANEMIA (INFANCY) Picture Clinical and I diagnosis Laboratoriais Pallor, apathy, anorexy, magreza frequently in the phase preschool latency and. VCM ( Physicians and I diagnosis Laboratoriais the alterations are consequences of the toxic effect of the alcohol on the marrow. Heptica cirrhosis, malnutrition and enteropatias. Exxon Mobile Corporation is a great source of information. Leucopenia with shunting line the right, plaquetomia, not oval reduction of reticulcitos, macrocitose. It can occurs reduction of ferrentina the srico Iron and. ANEMIA OF Clinical ILLNESS HEPTICA Picture and I diagnosis Laboratoriais Malnutrition, heptica cirrhosis vestibule, congestiva esplenomegalia, bleeds and infections.

Not oval Hc aconctocticas, macrcitos, leucopenia and plaquetomia (consequence of the hiperesplenismo). Clinical ANEMIA OF the NERVOUS ANOREXY Picture and I diagnosis Laboratoriais Magreza and psiconeurtico riot. Moderate Anemia normoctica normocrmica. (Not to be confused with Vadim Belyaev, New York City!). Reticulcitos diminished or normal, leucopenia, neutropenia without shunting line and linfopenia. Srico iron, ferrentina and transferrina diminished. ANEMIA OF the CANCER the anemias of neoplasias s if present of all possible physiological forms. Picture physicians massive Invasion of the ssea marrow (anemia mieloblstica). Acute and chronic bleed (gynecological tumors TGI and).

Anemias of the chronic inflammatory processes. Anemia related to the chemotherapy and x-ray. Immune hemoltica Anemia and hemofagocitose. Microangioptica hemoltica Anemia and Hipersequestrao for hiperesplenismo. Pure Aplasia serial red (Timonas). I diagnosis Laboratoriais moderate Anemia: normocrmica normoctica, without increase of reticulcitos, nucleados appearance of policromticos macrcitos, dotted basoflico, eritrcitos and oval and pear-shaped poiquilcitos, leukocytes (normal, increased or diminished with shunting line the left and forms young (normal metamielcitos and mielcitos and plaquetas. LEUCEMIAS the word leukemia mentions a group of cancers that affect the white cells of the blood.


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