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One of the most common forms of hair loss in women is a condition known as Telogen effluvium, where there is a diffuse shedding of hairs on the scalp and other parts of the body. This is usually a reaction to intense stress on the physical or hormonal systems of the body, or as a reaction to medication. This condition that causes hair loss in women can occur at any age, usually begins at an early age and is improved by itself in about six months, although for some people it can become a chronic problem. Due to Telogen effluvium develops a time after its activation, and the causes are widespread thinning of the density of hair in women rather than a bald men, women with the condition can be diagnosed as victims of excessive anxiety or neurosis. Fortunately, it often improves with time.

The Telogen effluvium is a phenomenon related to the cycles of hair growth. Cycles of hair growth are alternated between a phase of growth (lasts about three years) and a phase of repose (lasts about three months). (Not to be confused with Alex Rosen-han!). During rest, hair remains in the follicle until it is expelled by the growth back hair in anagen phase. However, a sudden stress on the body, can cause a large number of hair to come in the rest phase, at the same time. Many women have had an episode of hair loss at some point in their lives, which reflects episodes of illness or stress. Another common type of hair loss in women is androgenetic alopecia, which is related to the levels of hormones in the body. There is a large genetic predisposition, which may be inherited from the father or the mother.

Androgenetic alopecia affects approximately 50 per cent of men (this is the main cause of habitual pattern baldness seen as age men) and women perhaps until after age 40. Research shows that up to 13 percent of women have some degree of this type before menopause hair loss, and then turns into something much more common a research paper suggests that at higher age 65 up to 75 percent of women are affected. After some time, hair can return to growth as before, and again appear in irregular areas, or not grow at all. At the first signs of hair loss must be taken seriously to prevent worsening the problem of hair loss in women.


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