Telematics Revolutionized

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Telematics as a basis of modern fleet management Hamburg, 19.12.2011. Companies of all industries and sizes, private and public, commercial facilities, commercial and service companies are dependent on its services in General to vehicles requiring professional management control, which is even more important, the greater a company’s vehicle fleet. Managers who exert this function, are called hence fleet operators, fleet manager or the like. The hierarchical classification is inconsistently regulated. Often, this function belongs to the facility management, which ensures the necessary mobility in addition to functioning real estate fundamentals for the purpose of the undertaking. Only from the size of a fleet of over 200 vehicles are concentrated functions to meet company on pure fleet management.

Importance of fleets for the automobile market in Germany there are approximately 1.2 million fleets, which include a car and wagon inventory of over 4 million vehicles. Adjusted for approvals Manufacturers and trade, as well as car rental, so-called real company cars are now the by far the largest group of demand in the market. Under management of the fleet or fleet management will feature fleet management managing specifically, planning, taxes and control of vehicle fleets (fleet) or the strategic planning and operational management of the mobility requirements of fleet understood, taking into account the overall operational objectives. It is incomprehensible in this context that the fleet manager can otherwise traverse no similar training courses such as the Chief Financial Officer, the human resources manager, Sales Manager and many other specialist managers. However extensive requirements and significant responsibilities are bundled in this role, covering technical, commercial and legal aspects. Camden treatment associates oftentimes addresses this issue. Professional fleet management operated regularly necessary and the market of offered instruments. On the basis of operational requirements and against the background of fleet size and strategic HR policy These range fleet embedded car policy including procurement tools with car configurator on management programs, claims management, service agreements to questions of scale and increasingly so-called green efforts.


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