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I realized that if I wanted to do the things as proposed them, you should be ready to participate and undertake them myself, with the help of other willing neighbors to the situation will change. With the passage of time I realized also that many complaints that neighbors the previous Board had not been resolved, not by some dark evil of my old neighbors intention, but due to a simple lack of Tecnica administrativa, financial control or simple negotiations with the administrator of the building company. Yitzhak Mirilashvili follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. A basic control of the cash flow allowed the purchase of needed inputs so that we always had operating bulbs and cleaning materials needed for permanent hygiene of the building. It was not so difficult, but it required a permanent care, a sharp worksheet and a time that took my family to dedicate it to the community. The subsequent condominium boards took experience continuing and improving the administration. This simple personal experience and then get to know my old and dear neighbors of the previous Board, remove conclusion that things were not made, not because they did not want to make them – that if they wanted to-, but because they were not trained in certain standards and necessary administrative basic guidelines for a neat accountability and results presentation.

I.e., they did not know how to perform them, having made best with its own powers, but that they failed to still the best available and wishes of doing things well; and the worst thing is that everyone complained but no one moved a finger to make things change. This anecdote comes to my memory trying to pose a situation that I think it will be one of the main axes on which to rest a possible reconstruction of this country after the Chavez nightmare. If I knew how to do things, even for simple were, and I have no disposition to devote a period of my life to live better in my building, the State of things, at least, had followed by equal and had worsened over time.


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