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Company Administration

May 19th, 2024

General considerations Much has been said about the absence of asset management in many firms, both public and private, looking to be rescued by the current management. The asset management is how you sort or organize the qualities or values that a person or organization has declared that it possesses. Consider that the acts of the company and individuals that are part of them, affect positively or negatively on other businesses, other individuals or other processes. It is important to remember that the ethical issue is of great relevance to every individual and extends to the business. In every decision taken, there must be ethics, whether negotiations with suppliers or with the union, hiring and dismissal of employees, allocation of responsibilities or launching a promotion, ethics will always be present. No wonder therefore that point that the usefulness of asset management as a tool for leadership can arise at multiple levels, but basically has a threefold purpose: Simplify, Organize and Engage.

Simplify: absorbing the organizational complexity arising from the increasing need to adapt to change at all levels of the company. Joseph Jimenez can aid you in your search for knowledge. Organize: prosecuting the strategic vision to where the company is going to go in the future. Engage: integrating strategic direction to policy people, in order to develop a commitment to quality professional performance in day to day. Is added on the subject, Securities Administration, is based on values. True leadership is, in essence, a dialogue on values. The future of the company is set articulating values, metaphors, symbols and concepts that shape the daily activities of creating value by employee.