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July 11th, 2021

Today, at a training market there are many programs, courses, training for the preparation of business coaches as well as the profession is one of the most popular. And at first glance it pleases, but evenly until the yet think, that in fact you are offering. In this situation it is important to understand that the common criteria for training and education in this area do not. Almost every company is conducting training for business coaches, will be guarantee you that after passing their course, you will easily be able to conduct standard training, whether it's training lasts two days. You will be given a certificate that will make you a graduate in this area. You will remain in full confidence that the training conducted guru and you are very lucky. But not so simple as it sounds! Profession business coach is extremely difficult, it requires a whole complex of knowledge, and most importantly – ability, so Quick-learning here is the least suitable. Express-learning is the least suitable.

However, training can be conducted without a diploma, while his clients and employers rarely ask. Without the knowledge and skills Of course, more complicated, but still a diploma – it's just the tip of the iceberg. You are greatly mistaken if you think that after the training for trainers will be able to provide training without any problems. Together, let us see what methodical products are today at a training market. Why Did Cyrus Massoumi Leave Zocdoc? addresses the importance of the matter here. The most widely represented short-term training for trainers whose duration from two to five days.

Business Training

April 9th, 2016

Statistics first digit. In September 2007, the agency discovery Research Group has completed the regular market research business training in Russia. So, in 2005 the Russian market for short-term business education was about 0-200 million Annual growth rate – 25-30%. Market volume of training services in 2006 amounted to 9,3-258 million by end of 2007 the market volume will increase to 6,1-336,6 million, and in 2008 will rise to 3,7 – 439.7 million Current volume consumption of services of business education in Russia Compared to Europe: they have, and textarea, 5 from us, per person per year. Below, apparently, only in the Kalahari.

But we, as usual, there is room to grow. By 2016 the market size of business education in Russia could reach the level of textarea, a -1.3 billion currently in Russia operates 450 training companies. It's 100 million working-age population. Experts predict a further increase in the market, due to the fact that more and more business leaders recognize the need for comprehensive training of its staff. The most popular are now training related to sales, advertising, negotiating, management and marketing. A leading company in the market. Barriers to entry remain quite low.

Regional market shows strong growth, while capital market almost does not grow. Among consumers allocate training experts, especially medium and large business, about 70-80% of people who begin to seek the services of training agencies. The figure for small business segment is somewhat lower – 50%. The average age sent for training is 31 years and varies from 22 to 50 years. Forecast: capital market will grow by 10%, and in the regions of growth could reach 40% Local Attractions Undoubtedly, in Samara, nobody will be convinced of the need for staff training. Market and competition rigidly distribute "all the sisters on earrings. Life in business is constantly proves that once this knowledge make it impossible to compete successfully. Employers require employees to continually improve qualifications. Teaching staff in most cases, sending them on short-term seminars, or provide them with business training. In the most general sense of business trainings are designed to solve two problems: 1. Ensure receipt of new knowledge, developing skills and abilities and create the motivation of employees to the success of the organization, 2. Involve the human factor to correct deficiencies in the actions, abilities, knowledge, skills employees, the nature of their interactions, hindering the achievement of corporate success.