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The Plane

February 14th, 2021

In these calculations, it is recommended take into account the geometrical and physical nonlinearity, anisotropy, plastic and rheological properties and thermal deformation of soil and construction materials, development of the plastic deformation in soil mass under the foundation. Properties of subgrade in these calculations, it is recommended to consider involving specialized geotechnical programs. 3.8. Numerical calculations and Foundation underground parts of buildings can be carried out in the plane formulation for specific sections of the building where possible schematization corresponding computational model. In complex cases (complex geometry of the constructive volume of the building in plan and height, of considerable value in terms of eccentric loading, a significant heterogeneity of the structure and properties of the soil base, etc.) is recommended to perform calculations in a spatial setting.

3.9. Foundations, basements and underground parts of tall buildings should be calculated on two groups of limit states: the first group – on soil strength and bearing capacity of foundations and structures and underground part of the building; the second group – the strains (precipitation, roll, deflection, deviation of the center of gravity of the building from the vertical, etc.) and suitability for normal use. More information is housed here: Jeff Leiden. 3.10. In the calculation of the foundations of tall buildings should be in accordance with mgsn 4.19 to take the coefficient of reliability on the responsibility of the building equal to: 1,1 – for buildings of 75 to 100 m, 1,15 – 100 to 200 m, 1,2 – more than 200 m. In the design of tall buildings tall more than 300 m may be increase the coefficient of reliability of liability above a specified value.


May 14th, 2011

The selection of these materials provides additional prefabricated buildings. Cabins-stolovyeGlavnoe in the construction of huts table – to provide the required number of dining places, so for the device, several metal block containers. Partitions between them understand, thus achieved the possibility of creating the necessary space area. Besides the main dining area in the office container-dining cuisine there, equipped with stove, oven, stoves and running water. It is also necessary to provide a few taps and at least one bathroom. Cabins, dining rooms are indispensable for the device-town cafes and canteens for the workers construction sites. One of the prerequisites was the placement of their air conditioning systems – to comfort the many visitors and the convenience of staff.

Wagon domVagon-house is a mobile building destined to live and work shift teams, crews, builders routes and railways. For the convenience of travel they are equipped with wheels in the summer or winter runners. In addition to the factory trim, the wagon-house have everything necessary for living and life – furniture, appliances, equipment for work. Depending on the purpose, issued a wagon-house for living, for the drying of work clothing, recreation and even for office work. Cabins cabins health care naznacheniyS appointment, we often encounter in the city and beyond: showers, bathrooms, locker rooms on the beach or in a sports club, medical aid stations. These indoor facilities, equipped with windows, doors, heating systems and water supply can be used at any time of year, regardless of the weather outside. Increased hygiene requirements and prolonged contact with water impose certain restrictions on the use of finishing materials inside cabins.

Typically for internal processing takes plastic or canvas, but for smaller baths and saunas use wood wall paneling impregnated with a special protective structures. Advantages of using ready-made huts bytovokPrimenenie appropriate in circumstances where the temporary buildings for living and working people, or when required rapid construction of facilities needed space. Easy installation and dismantling, the ability to install additional equipment makes the block-container objects indispensable sites, recreation areas, etc. Ease of construction and compactness of the factory packaging greatly simplifies the delivery of these facilities in places far from the city's roads and railways. In addition, when using the huts construction time reduced to a few dozen times. The use of pre-engineered modules eliminates the need for additional interior design, and it means that living and working in houses, offices, cafes could begin as soon as they installation on site. Wide range of sizes and a variety of configuration allows you to choose a block-container to be placed for any purpose. In addition to the standard huts manufacturers of this type of prefabricated structures offer production models of the size of the customer. And, of course, we should not forget that if you want the room can be arranged by installing two, three or more block-modules. Availability of special ladders allows build high-rise offices, shopping centers, dining rooms. The strength of the frame construction ensures durability, while the presence of insulation – the comfort of living and working. Along with the above advantages cabins and have another very important – a relatively low cost. Together, they enable a fast and inexpensive construction of the building desired area without preliminary site preparation. The use of block-containers makes it possible to keep pace with the times without losing it on a long construction of houses made of concrete or brick, promotes business and provides the necessary mobility of the buildings.