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September 28th, 2023

You’ve probably heard about blogs and how you have become popular lately. Well, for those who still do not know the concept, I present a brief introduction. Blog, is a contraction of the words Web Log and is actually an online diary, the Word Blog first appeared in 1997 and it has become since then the next step in terms of personal registration online technology is concerned, since it allows people to update them more easily and more frequently than a traditional page and without having to learn any special coding language. It all started with a couple of people who began to link to sites that were interesting to them and they wrote about their own lives, this form of registration, it generated an explosion, to such an extent that there are now millions of blogs from virtually anywhere in the world. The vast majority of blogs are aimed at some kind of specific topic, although some are a mixture of a variety of topics.

Having a blog makes it easier share information and that people can choose which blogs read, it is possible to create an audience willing to follow the progress of your blog closely. Though Blogs started in a mainly personal level, currently they are being used very effectively as tools of business, in conjunction with Web sites. Blogs are generally updated more frequently than Web sites, which can help you build relationships with your customers and visitors, since it allows them to form an idea of who is behind the website. Blogs are also an excellent tool for the generation of traffic towards your site, if you use the keywords appropriate to your blog, it can help you increase positioning in search engines. Then, do envelope write in your blog? If your blog is personal, you type on any topic find you interesting, write about your personal life if your blog is for business, he writes about upcoming events, new products or services, news in the industry to which you belong, hints and tips about your area experience, he writes about the people involved in your area about your plans. Unlike a website, where a few lines are not sufficient, in a blog you write can be as long or as short when it allows you to express your idea. I invite you start your own blog now, you won’t regret it. -This article has been recorded by David Uribe who is the owner of MercadotecniTips, site dedicated to teaching the best practices of Internet marketing.