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Fatty Liver

November 2nd, 2014

Medicines for the fatty medicines for the liver fatty liver liver is the increased complexity and metabolic action of the Agency. It has an enormous capacity for regeneration, in response to different aggression, such as toxins, alcohol, drugs, and many others. While they have been the origin of the liver disease with the goal of treatment is trying to lessen damage to the liver cells and enhance body repair processes. In 1968, German scientists isolated the Silymarin, an extract of the herb milk thistle or milk (milk thistle marinarun Sylybun) and now is one of the herbs most often mentioned by European doctors for the treatment of liver disease. Drugs to the liver fatty several studies have demonstrated the therapeutic activity of Silymarin, on the basis of the following mechanisms of action. 1. The Sylimarin is a mixture of flabolignans, powerful antioxidants.

2 Change the structure of the outer membrane or cell wall of cells liver (hepatocytes), the prevention of toxins and other pollutants enter the cell. 3 Stimulates the synthesis of proteins in the liver cell and regeneration of damaged liver cells. Silymarin does not stimulate the growth of malignant liver tissue. 5 inhibits the LOX enzyme, which catalyzes the reaction for the formation of oxidized polyunsaturated fats that damage the liver. 6. As antioxidants 10 times more potent than vitamin and increases levels of glutathione in the cells of the liver. Glutathione is an intracellular natural very important antioxidant to prevent mutations in DNA and RNA. 7.

Increase of the enzyme superoxide dismutase. This enzyme in conjunction with the enzyme Glutathione peroxidase are essential in detoxification and regeneration of the liver cells. The German Commission (a body that regulates the prescription of herbal treatments), recommended (Tistle milk) milk thistle for treatment of the liver toxicity, to support chronic inflammatory disease of the liver and cirrhosis.