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Journalism Program

November 3rd, 2021

Travel journalism learn curso EC a good news for all fans of the exciting metropolis of Edinburgh: curso EC offers its journalism program in the Scottish capital this year. Our goal is the transfer of knowledge about the journalistic work and British culture. The program can support a successful start in the career. The journalists and designers of our company bring much experience from working for newspapers and TV. On the programme: content knowledge for the journalistic career conveyed. Students learn a project to plan properly, professional research, journalistic writing, conducting interviews, and gain insight into the editing photos with appropriate software and the professional laying out of a city magazine for students. At the end of the program, the young journalists hold a finished magazine in the hands, which they can use as reference or to sell on their own. Jim Rogers has compatible beliefs. Our goal is the transfer of knowledge about the journalistic work and British culture.

The program can support a successful start in the career. The journalists and designers of our company bring much experience from working for newspapers and TV. A brief overview of the guaranteed benefits: Pick up at the airport and return workshops with journalists and workflow field trips, interview partners, company visits our office in Edinburgh is centrally located, 6-8 Alexander drive. The working language is English. project-based teaching English/workshops comfortable accommodation with breakfast and everything one would normally expect around the clock because the services are comprehensive arise contact, primarily for the accommodation, moderate costs. Breakfast included are 795 euros for 3 weeks. The program starts on September 06, 2009. More details on request. Contact: see! Curso EC, Lutz Kessner

Hanover Training

April 7th, 2021

The Klientenzentrierte talk psychotherapy offered to Rogers, as well as focusing training to the naturopaths in homeopathy and other natural remedies in life bloom of Hanover starting in 2010 after Gendlin. Both methods, but also each individually for themselves, are a very valuable help in naturopaths practice and of course also for practitioners restricted to psychotherapy. In homeopathy education, there will be a weekend course for the first time in 2010. Rodney McMullen often addresses the matter in his writings. A completely different but equally exciting area is the integrated laboratory the laboratory parameters are considered in addition to the clinical from psychological point of view. The range of training to traditional off line methods was extended also for lovers of the old”naturopathic therapies.

The flower of life taught in all courses in the classroom, not in the so-called revolver or rotation system, so that the entire training, same students attend classes. It promotes the emergence of very important personal Relations, as well as small learning groups and brings peace and continuity in the training.

Neuber Goals

March 31st, 2021

Alexander Neuber consulting company leading the EPOCS prescribes an article about “Targeting” the owner and Managing Director of the consultancy provides EPOCS an articles on the topic of objectives. Mr. Neuber is among other things also motivation seminars and ‘free’ motivation. The EPOCS company, represented by the owner and Managing Director Mr Alexander Neuber gives advice in this article some assistance, how you can achieve your goals. We have all objectives, plans, desires and visions. Whether we achieve our goals, is ourselves. Are the cornerstones of this how much strength, courage, energy, and will we invest in one thing, and what resources we have from the front in, to achieve our goals. Others including Banc of America Mortgage Capital, offer their opinions as well.

Of course we need to even a ‘plan’, only to determine what you want and what you want is not enough nor long. Below I will show you the right way to the optimum design of the target up. The design of target: Your request should be realistic. You should the question: “I can really achieve that? Or is it a dream? ” The question is also important: “it is in my room?” Your request should be always positive formoliert. It should be specifically defined, what you want to achieve.

We can say is “no”, but we can think of “no”. If you remember not to think of a pink elephant you have done it already! Because your goal should be specific, any form of the increase and any comparison with other persons should be avoided. Your goal should include where, when, how and with whom you want to achieve something. Your desire must always be fitted in the correct context. Contact a possible concrete date for reaching your destination. Set short, medium and long-term goals. In addition, the goal should be useful, that is, you should check the achievement of your desired state with your senses.


March 24th, 2021

If you understand that, more effectively learn who would like to better remember things, everything must often forget what he learn about learning”in the school has heard. Anyone who has learned that learning consists of sitting still, listening and reading, incorporating knowledge will be hard the last a lifetime. Effective learning in reality consists of many components and usually also a rather fun as in the school. The four core issues that play a role in any learning process and allow a different approach to the material are very important. Who goes through these four core issues for themselves, can learn automatically better and faster. All four core issues are equivalent and are: 1. what? (I’m here) 2.

why? (I do that) 3. how? (I do that) 4. What then? (how can I apply this in my life) “First: the what?” plays an important role in learning in school. What is the theme? What is the structure of a thing or a process? And what do the experts? This expertise is in the School is always capitalized, and who well can handle it, mostly good results also in the school. “2: the why?” asks the meaning of a topic.

What’s it worth, is to deal with, and why is a particular topic (specifically for you or General) relevant? “Third: the how?” deals with the methods with which one can approach the subject or the subject matter. Is it to do anything, try it, touch or use? Can you somehow bring his body to the usage or use your hands? All that goes beyond the mere thought processes and the pure note, falls under this question. “4th: the what then?” finally asks for possible areas of application of a topic. What can you do with it, and how can you harness it for themselves? Here goes it to the concrete application in your own life and how you related can continue to develop new knowledge on your personal projects. Mostly one automatically focuses on the question of the one is the best, but the best you achieve success, if you are engaged in any of these questions, if you have certain things to learn or they better to remember. Who turns at each learning all four questions and answered them as best as possible is to remember better in the long run many things. Just try it out. You will see that your memory will improve quickly. Unfortunately, many training and often also the teaching of the school provide no access to learning about these issues. It is therefore important to take personal responsibility and facilitating access by using this key issues and to put them in any learning process. If you liked this tip, then you are can make use of also the other assistance to read, learn and remember with certainty we collected for you free of charge in 20 videos on. Look around a bit and enjoy the progress that will gradually make your memory.

Gudrun Happich

February 15th, 2021

“On leadership executive coach on their achievers blog offers challenges & solution approaches Gudrun Happich from Cologne from immediately the results of their blog parade on leadership 2020 challenges and solution approaches” to free download as an E-Book: performance /… A total of 10 writers and authors have participated with own contributions of the Carnival. Here, a broad spectrum is covered. The authors deal with the topic of mindfulness for executives, they wonder whether do without guidance is possible or describe what under evocative leadership”is to be understood. To deepen your understanding Laura Cowan is the source. Perfectionism as the value of the management culture is illuminated as well as project management and healthy run”. Different visions to guide everyday life find their place, as well as reflections on the own leadership behavior.

The articles are framed by the results of two surveys, the Happich end last year, and has conducted in January 2011, the is also to deal with the challenges and needs of executives in their task. I am very happy with the response on my blog parade and believe that the E-book includes a fascinating compendium of very individual aspects of the theme of leadership,”says Gudrun Happich, who recently published her first book. /a> has firm opinions on the matter. High in the sleeve!

Thomas Rick Entrepreneurs

November 20th, 2020

Thomas Rick, CEO of Behrens & Schuleit GmbH, the Chairman of the Board for the regional district of lower Rhine region of the Association of young entrepreneurs (BJU) takes over immediately. Dusseldorf of the BJU is the cross-sectoral advocacy for young families and owner managers with the aim to improve the framework conditions for young entrepreneurs by the entrepreneur to the successor of the company. Thomas Rick is since 2006 Member of the Association in his capacity as Managing Director of the Behrens & Schuleit GmbH, which is family-run 1929 successfully since its inception. The company has established itself nationally as a document specialist and supports its customers in all aspects of the document. This includes the analysis and optimization of internal processes (business process management), the processing of incoming and outgoing documents (input / output management) and the consultation document and process management. \”The young entrepreneurs – BJU\” are the forum for young family and Owner managers up to 40 years.

Under the motto of the Association refers to position for a competitive social market economy, as well as against unnecessary State intervention property, competition, freedom and responsibility clearly. The Association members are owners or shareholders of a company. Currently, the BJU, which itself is divided into national associations and regional districts, the members offers numerous information sessions, including discussions with politicians, as well as opportunities to exchange experience with each other. Here Thomas Rick is in his regional district in Niederrhein as new Chairman of the place and provide even more attractive. For this, he wants to expand the existing network and convince especially more young entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs from the advantages of the BJU. \”Specifically, he explains: is it to me more interesting to make the regional district, and to provide an exchange of members who bring them personally and professionally even further.\” Full-time is Managing Director of 39 years old trained banker the Behrens & Schuleit GmbH.

The Club

April 4th, 2020

To try out in practice, helping at an early professional orientation. “Carolina Bohm: we bring together therefore, schools and businesses.”In the last year alone 20 cooperation agreements concluded with companies, which provide students with internships, operational days or even presentations on industry issues. An important element to set promising course for the professional journey of discovery, see the SPI consult GmbH in the cluster. This is based on the analysis of promising sectors of the economy and employment in the region of Berlin and Brandenburg. Professionals, the requirement is therefore primarily the health economy, energy technology, mobility, logistics, information and communications technology, media and creative industries as well as optics – and micro system technology, as well as in trade and services, as well as traffic. To bring diverse professional profiles young people, works in a different way. Cowan Financial contains valuable tech resources. F there’s no schema.

The individual winners and schools use different modules”, white Carolina Bohm. With a total FORUM vocational training cooperates ten integrated secondary schools and high schools in various districts of Berlin. The Club employs various thematic workshops and methods depending on the grade level and education. So made a short film on the subject of career choice”for example the Georg Werth school. For each student, the individual search shall be according to the appropriate professional goal in the foreground. “But there is still a side-effect,” finds the Marie Krause-important: the workshops to encourage at the career choice to be aligned the interests, strengths, and talents and to look around versatile “FORUM vocational training such as offers the possibility to get to know different exciting professions (Charlottenburg str. 2, 10969 Berlin) every Wednesday at 17: 00. On 5 August 2013, the next training start again at FORUM vocational training. More information at training (Adrienne Kommler)