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Futures Market

April 12th, 2018

I have completed almost the year of my training and training to know operate in the S & P MINI 500, and it is already starting to operate in real time. Lucky I have a professor that I had advised of the dangers that there are in every step you take in this world. A lot of people are lost and loses much of its money by not have things clear in what to do in the operating daily in the problems that you face at every stage of this career to become a professional trader. Learn more on the subject from Lakshman Achuthan. In my operational on demo, I’ve been a trader with some incredible number and although I had been put on notice of the great change that represents the leap to real, not thought to be for both. Fat error. It can be compared to a football player who in training gets all penalties, is a great pitcher of penalties, but when the party, pressure that supposed to do the same launch in different pressure conditions makes him failing, and loses confidence. That player can not again launch a penalty in his career. When I first started to operate in real, the first thing I felt was that the session be me It was much longer.

The results were not the same as in demo, and he blamed bad luck and that gave me the sense that the price towards everything to get me out and making me lose my money. What is the reality? That pressure makes you lose the timing and price tracking perspective, so you lose the overall vision and you are persecuting the price with the feeling that it is going to go without you. You just operate differently to how you were doing it in demo, and if you don’t play as training, the more normal is that you finish losing. The luck that I have is that there is someone who has warned me of all this and has told me how to fix it. The author of this article has started his career as a professional trader under the supervision and direction of the Market Profile, Order Flow and market analysis expert Jon Sopelana