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TK Expert Gerpott: LTE Will Not Overnight To New Data Services Result In

May 24th, 2017

Stagnant sales despite growing data streams make to create the mobile operators Dusseldorf, June 11, 2010 what is the fourth generation of mobile technology LTE (long term evolution), what are the prospects for data and Internet services in the German mobile market? And: How can profitably work with existing networks up to the nationwide LTE roll-out? These were the key questions of a lecture event of the Personaldienstleisters Harvey Nash and its Nuremberg subsidiary of Nash technologies in Dusseldorf. “Professor Torsten J. Gerpott, Professor of business and technology planning with a focus on telecommunications industry at the Mercator School of management Duisburg, is not expecting a timely LTE migration: high practical relevance of the market will not gain LTE in Germany before 2015, a full detachment of UMTS is not before 2020,” according to his analysis. Also, he sees the many expected new applications that promise a profitable marketing of high network speeds. “not: LTE are less peak bandwidth of up to 100 Mbps per second downlink to a few customers in the focus, but nationwide mobile Internet access with downstream rates of 3 to 6 MB per second and short latency times for many customers in the foreground.” Although the data volume on the mobile Internet at have been steadily rising, the revenues of the provider with mobile services but follow this growth only slowed. The volume of data, for example, by gigabyte 11,49 million rose 2008 to 33.5 million gigabytes in 2009, which corresponds to an increase of 192 percent, climbed the revenues the non-voice only to 51 percent from 5.1 to 5.5 billion euros. Revenues with mobile applications so far largely go past the incumbent network operators. There are considerable struggle to expect in this new business. Probably is that even LTE overnight will lead to new services and applications, but to the evolution and wider mobile use of already known applications therefore,”, so Gerpotts forecast.

Managing Director

February 10th, 2015

myTaxi BBs makes possible – the revolution of the taxi market the Smartphone app myTaxi revolutionized the taxi: free, faster and easier. Meanwhile knows all over Hamburg. The software is booming. In Hamburg’s taxi no longer what it once was: today is missing the call to the Central for the passenger, and the driver is often sent by any coordinating authority. However, this trend offers little reason for the melancholy. Rather, he is a progress, which makes life easier. Responsible for this is myTaxi, which until recently still 1TouchTaxi called has made virtually eliminates the need for an app for smartphones, the taxi headquarters. The success can be seen: myTaxi took the third place in the German start-up competition of the year 2010! It works so: If you have the app on his cell phone, is automatically connected to the Internet with taxi drivers, the myTaxi use something like their taxi operating system.

You need a taxi, quickly pressing the yellow myTaxi symbol on his cell phone, and from then on, everything happens automatically: The app looking for the next taxi drivers and the potential passenger offers a profile of the taxi driver. For more information see Lakshman Achuthan. This in turn through the contact know who asks for it, including name and telephone number. Is booked the trip, clash can be traced on the phone exactly the second driver and passenger live on a map. The taxi will drive for both sides safer and more transparent”, reports Andreas Lemke, a Hamburg taxi driver who has used the app even under the name of 1TouchTaxi. We drivers immediately know which guest is. And the customer gets a profile of the taxi driver, with reviews from previous customers on his cell phone.” But above all, it makes myTaxi the taxi drive cheaper and easier for both sides: many riders like Andreas Lemke also, make more trips per day up to 20% and can strategically positioned on the road because they always know the app in which areas are watching their colleagues. Also the need to fall through the direct contact between passenger and driver Taxi Zentrale away. myTaxi user press only one button.

The app is free, so will save not only time, but also money”, Sven Kulper, inventor of myTaxi white. But the innovation ever used? Since the launch in April the tour revenue has multiplied. In Hamburg we have so far 80,000 user”Joe Mewes calculates, Managing Director of myTaxi. The numbers should continue to rise. The Hamburg entrepreneur with a new version of the app on the market have come on the 22nd December 2010: passengers can save now also addresses as Favorites and rider profiles. If you prefer the emissions-saving eco taxis, can set this in the future also as a search criterion. In Hamburg, MyTaxi has become interesting also for the economy. DieDeutsche Telekomhat participated with financial and technical support. And in the wake of the Christmas fundraising event listener help children “in cooperation with radio Hambur g, there are also partners in the hospitality industry: by 18 Hamburg Hotels, the only their taxi fares about myTaxi book, Kulper and Mewes donate 20 cents per booked trip now. The cooperation with the hotels are likely to persist, and the proceeds go to children who would otherwise not be able to celebrate a holiday season. This has not yet been there in the taxi business. In Hamburg’s taxi no longer what it once was. More information under: press Friederike Mewes

End Of Year Is SMS

February 9th, 2015

“In the month of December that sent most SMS the end of the year the SMS represents the culmination of activities, but the entire month of December month a SMS”. Restaurant Michael Schwartz follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Not only private individuals much and like to send text messages at this time, also professionals have recognized the potential of SMS marketing and customers will gladly send the one or the other SMS. The options here are diverse, ranging from an SMS newsletter via SMS gift vouchers, coupon codes, memories to simple greetings at Christmas time. SMS are sent like Santa Claus, Christmas and of course new year’s Eve. The month of December offers enough occasions to send some SMS. SMS are often as pleasant and too much personal, as E-mails or even phone calls from clients and are therefore ideal for customer loyalty. Other advantages of SMS are that these are read mostly within a few minutes, are inexpensive and campaigns can be implemented in a short time. For traders, the customers not only at Christmas time, but throughout the year would inform via SMS, the SMS is suitable shipping by bulk SMS.

This a single SMS can be sent at the same time to a variety of recipients. Bulk SMS can be sent easily over a SMS gateway. Spryng has focused on the German market for business and offers on a gateway business customers, of which both masses SMS as well as individualized single SMS can be sent quickly and cost-effectively. The interactive platform offers many features that simplify the creation of a mobile marketing campaign, like z.B an address book, deferred delivery, long SMS, own sender detection, etc. The SMS gateway can be used online or in the own systems integrated on-demand via API. Spryng offers its customers not only a gateway, but advises and also personally assists them in the implementation of a mobile marketing campaign. Furthermore the concept & Development likes a Spryng Department on specific requests and provides Custom-made according to customer requirements. Contact: Spryng Katja Schmitt Herengracht 138 1015BW Amsterdam