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April 27th, 2024

Flat rates in the international roaming for business customers & while it in the domestic market for mobile communication only tariff margins in the single-digit percentage range are possible, with high margins, the international market is demanding travellers. Margins for the savings, but also the profits. Who travels much, is internationally active, looking almost constantly for better rates. Rates in Germany would also be ideal. Are German network operators for the reference? Is it at all? In Europe German mobile operator differ dramatically. Especially vodafone & o2 Telefonica stand out with actually user-friendly tariffs in Europe. This concerns in particular language solutions.

Both offer international eMail-(quasi)Flat. However, the full-range supplier position at acceptable rates, cannot be maintained. Provider play with, fair roaming prices, even flat-rate solutions provide the traveller on the international market. United States travel with mobile of a German operator, are in principle more than a euro pro Minute “section traded. This is unnecessary. With little effort, it remains accessible under German phone number, but will pay for incoming and outgoing calls at 0.20 / min. Who wants gets even a local + 1 number to do this.

The savings is more than 55%; the comfort value probably higher. You must not be from the compartment. Another option: Already international tariff savings can be achieved by choosing the right device by 100% up to. Tariff benefits, saving potentials are not always dependent on the provider. > Maybe you already have the correct device, it just don’t know. The summary is: for international business users, comprehensive Mobile Office solutions are possible, almost as in the home country: flat rate data, mobile, International Conference calls, roaming free in Europe & many core countries.