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When Readers Write

March 31st, 2023

edelight opts for editorial content by user Stuttgart, June 29, 2009. The shopping platform edelight goes new ways with regard to user generated content. As first social shopping platform lets edelight its users not only recommend products, but run their own editorial areas. 33 hobby editors write currently on own blogs about fashion, sports and lifestyle topics. Readers write for edelight no contradiction, finally, the platform is launched three years ago with the idea that customers are also the best seller. We do not see our blogs as a competitor to existing forms of journalism, but as a supplement. Neither personal recommendations will replace the trade market”, says Peter Ambrozy, founder and CEO of edelight.

Our authors, as well as their regular readers are voracious readers of magazines, newspapers and Web news”, sure is Ambrozy. Here they will find a platform on which they can replace on a personal basis over this content now.” The in turn is also a strengthening of other publications, because who wants to talk to must be informed. edelight is the extension of the shopping platform to a range of editorial as a logical further development of the idea of personal recommendations. We have many product – and shopping-interested members to spend up to four hours a day on edelight”, so Peter Ambrozy. For us, it is only naturally to give these people more space for their commitment. Since end of 2008 33 hobby editors write about their personal expertise in edelight Magazine: the mother of three gives tips about babies and pregnancy, the architecture student living ideas or the fashion designer fashion trends. Over 3500 articles have already been published in the last few months on edelight.

Interesting New Art Community

March 29th, 2023

The new platform for all artists and art Gernsheim, February 20, 2010: the company has Jaytown records based in Gernsheim site in cooperation with the company of worldweb Acharya Internet communication oHG, Buchholz, 2.0 art community designed a new Web and since February 11, 2010 on the Internet. This new platform is not only artist (painter, sculptor, musician, photographer, authors, gallerists,…), whether professionals or amateurs at, but also all art lovers. Participants of this social network can here present their photos, videos, texts or music pieces and thus to communicate the opportunity and to form friendships. The participation is free of charge. Source: Rogers Holdings. is a good alternative to the already existing social networks. Press contact: Heinz Jordan Jaytown records phone: 06258-4539 E-mail: Internet: presentation of the company: Jaytown records was founded in April 2009 in Gernsheim. It is a music label and provides the production and distribution of recordings.

Since January 2010 the operation of a social network has been added. This individual offering, the company in the market is trying to establish. Jaytown records is specialized on the production of music and their distribution. Complete consulting and competent implementation of music productions to professional distribution, the company provides the holistic implementation of their projects. A team of high technical Know-How ensures a smooth operation. The Kundeclientel extends over the German-speaking world. Heinz Jordan

XING Ideas

March 28th, 2023

BE2GETHER – love links. Recently Jonah Bloom sought to clarify these questions. Gifts for couples! New and better than ever! You must make something new Yes even brand new design and motley ideas blog at BE2GETHER and. Said – done: We have undergone a comprehensive relaunch our Web presence and awarded a fresh new appearance and thereby optimize all areas. Like, we want to introduce this today and hope that you like the new site. The design has changed thoroughly.

But that was not the reason why we have taken the plunge to completely redesign our website. As shop innovative gift ideas with appealing design, we have formulated a high quality standard at BE2GETHER, where we measure ourselves even daily. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Roubini Global Economics. There are not only visual changes like the new colors, but also adjustments and the new blog lovely moments”to make user friendly. So shopping is easier and more straightforward now for all BE2GETHER lovers. In addition to the increased user friendliness and the new look, especially the connections are social media and the new blog in the foreground. We welcome you on our new blog lovely moments “.

Here, all readers get tips and suggestions on a variety of topics – we are always looking for unusual, magical trends and report regularly about new and unusual gift ideas and designs. You expect regular news about BE2GETHER, reports from and about gifts and gift ideas, useful tips and tricks, news and NET finds. There are so many reasons to make a joy to his loved ones. For Valentine’s day, Easter, mother’s day, father’s day, Christmas, Nicholas, birthday, wedding, birth, feed or just so in between… The friendship and the love of course receive small gifts. BE2GETHER combines love offers a suitable stimulus for many occasions. For those who always wanted to have a very unusual gift! We look forward to surprise you and read your comments and suggestions and invite A, to take advantage of the additional information provided on our website. We are happy to receive your personal comment, to further optimize the BE2GETHER. We look forward also to an Exchange with you on the social media platforms Facebook, Twitter, Google + and XING. Have fun reading, try out, viewing and creative combination, wishes the BE2GETHER team! About us BE2GETHER – love links. Gifts for couples! The company BE2GETHER combines love was founded only recently and will bring a new trend from the United States and Asia to Germany and Europe. Gifts for couples – may initially might not continue unusual sound, however, is something special but every product from BE2GETHER. Because loving charming details & combinations are ultimate eye-catcher. Our collection offers a well-rounded range of fancy accessories, delightful decorations, stylish living items, sentimental cards to individual couple shirts. The trick here is, belonging to the other partner to present without having to match the typical couple look here. Each product has an individual motif. “Only the common combination reveals the connection: we belong together!

We Provide Fresh Knowledge

May 9th, 2016

The new knowledge portal offers an attractive publication option Bochum authors for everyone, August 9. A knowledge portal that is appealing for everyone and offers content in tested. -It is fresh knowledge. Here you will find not only factual, but also theses, term papers and seminar papers. And the author can publish his texts not only free, but also earn. Ignorance now belongs to the past. Fresh knowledge already provides for more education. The knowledge portal on his side offered eight categories to fourteen knowledge areas.

And rising. A wide range of subjects is offered a possible heterogeneous audience. Fresh knowledge want to appeal to all levels of education. Therefore, there are also very different types of articles. The quota includes specially published thing articles as well as specialist work, theses and term papers. Crowdsourcing is the principle works with the fresh knowledge.

A heterogeneous lot of external authors this produces articles for the portal. Anyone can with fresh Knowledge to the author. After a free registration, you can already publish his text in a second step. The authors have the opportunity to write new texts as well as ready-made wrote back to access. Dissertations, seminar or trade work can find a new use. With these texts, money can be earn on fresh knowledge. Advertising that content fits the topic, appears on the article page, and the author receives half of the advertising revenue. Efficient use of offered the user a search mask with clear categories. The correctness of the article is important fresh knowledge. Therefore, any article prior to publication is reviewed by an editorial team. It is the user to comment on each article also possible. There is always the thought that many of the knowledge of individuals can benefit behind fresh knowledge. For the author, it should be noted that it must be not only writers but also copyright of the text and the article in this form does not already was published online. The article on fresh knowledge include the areas of lifestyle & Sport, culture & media, society & geography, health & medicine, science & economy, politics & history, Internet & technology. Fresh knowledge is a service of collective IQ Ltd. company portrait: the collective IQ Ltd. was founded in August 2007 and first went with the platform ( online. is a portal for the provision of digital erbringbaren services and the principle of out-tasking. Outtasking means outsourcing tasks. The principle relieves companies through a fast and efficient work of external experts. This developed into the provider of text platform (, which specifically deals with the processing of text projects. Text provider is the market leader in terms of search engine optimized text, and offers publishers, SEOs and agencies unique content. Founder of collective IQ, Ltd. are Arne Stoschek and Nils Dreyer. Dreyer was the magazine Junge Karriere”from the Verlagsgruppe Handelsblatt (issue 08/2008) selected to the 30 leaders under the age of 30 in Germany. The collective IQ Ltd. received the founder’s prize of the German Federal Ministry for Economics and technology at CeBIT 08 and reached the 2.Platz at the founder competition also newcomer”the city of Bochum. Contact: Collective IQ limited TZR-technology centre Ruhr University Road 142 d 44799 Bochum contact person: Andreas Thomczik email: