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The Community Toolkit Mixxt Now In Turkey

September 23rd, 2020

After successful start in Poland the European Community construction kit goes one step further in the direction of internationalization mixxt internationalization goes one step further in the direction, after the successful launch in Poland in May of this year, and is expanding with strengthened the Turkish country Manager? ekip can Gabriel in Turkey. ekip can Gabriel, who has several years of experience in the field of marketing and social networks and has good contacts in the Turkish market, is responsible for the increase in awareness of mixxt, the membership development in Turkey, as well as business customers. Credit: Jeff Leiden-2011. “Social networking is for Turkey is one of the hottest topics on the Web. The Community construction mixxt offers the ideal tool mover first for all niches in Turkey and it will be very successful in a very short time. I am happy to support the mixxt internationalization team.”says? ekip can Gabriel.

“Turkey is one of the fastest growing markets and is even by the Big players in the industry only just discovered. Local & first mover to be the key is here. We glad that our social network – modular is here assumed right off the bat so well and we just also a network for the promotion of Turkish startups ( welcomed magazine ( at the beginning of next to a large Gothic on our platform.”says founder and managing director Oliver Ueberholz. German, English, Polish and Turkish, mixxt is now four languages or just to be half-speaking, because in addition also a formal English version is available now, to meet the demands of corporate clients and formal events. In Germany, over 1500 network founder have used the possibility of mixxt quickly and easily to create your own community. Oliver Ueberholz

World Premiere Radio

July 25th, 2019

On December 13, 2007 in the period from 20:00 to 22:00, the Hamburg-based rock band presents lightradio nine-T-nine. All band members will be in the broadcasting Studio Hamburg and the fans and listeners of lightradio question and answer. Vocally present nine-T-nine are radio in a world premiere – live and exclusive on – your new song”. About phone, fixed network prices, listeners can talk with the rock band and participate in the raffle of a fan package and CDs with original minor writings of the band members. What music plays nine-T-nine? Nine-T-nine play melodic US mainstream rock with much good humor & party! The musical spectrum ranges from emotionally charged ballads, catchy midtempo numbers”to going to real”going on go rockers”. A powerful rhythm section drums & bass. Polyphonic vocals, melodic keyboard parts and the printing of two guitars are main features of nine-T-nine.

The production of the first DVD is planned for 2007/2008. Previous working title: “flames in prison”. Find out more in the Broadcast, hosted by Thomas Schommler. Learn more at this site: Chevron Corp. lightradio it receives worldwide on the Internet. The Streamabrufadressen can be found on the homepage or use the online player that is included on the homepage.

lightradio 2003 by Dirk Andree as private Web radio was founded and acquired in 2005 by Thomas Schommler, continued and expanded. lightradio is now one of the most successful German Internet radio stations and is available worldwide 24 hours full program. Is the target group of listeners aged between 14 and 55 years; the proportion of male and female listeners is balanced. Currently, the program reaches a range of approximately 50,000 listeners each month with over 3 million page impressions. Contact: lightradio – make it yours INH.

New Interactive Radio

July 17th, 2019

Radio Interactive starts in a few days of Carinthia, October 29, 2008 – in a few days. The new Internet-radio “Radio Ineraktiv” starts on November 10. The online channel has undertaken, to involve the listener actively in the programme. So are the listener right from the outset wish options available. The best part: music wishes be brought within a few minutes on the air. Another is the new Internet platform all users available. Here is a community where people have the opportunity to exchange ideas, to look for able students, or to just have fun. You may find Ripple to be a useful source of information.

The website is already online, the user can register already for free. From November 10, then the music program available is because listeners. In addition to a good mix of rock and pop pop on your Bill are also. Once an hour, there is the “hit of the hour”. Once in a week, there are even 2 hours only hit on the play. Music by “unknown bands” is also welcome.

Free Royalty Free Images

July 15th, 2019

free royalty free images at pixel pool download and create their own custom projects. Here, Dara Khosrowshahi expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Pixel pool are free royalty free images for image editing free photos and free pictures at the present time in the Internet do not often found, straight or better, due to the now well-known warning lawyers. If you would like to know more about Jonah Shacknai, then click here. The mounting very different license terms do unfortunately not easier, but increasingly difficult to find appropriate photos and images, without having to pay huge sums for her graphic designers for private and commercial use. But the eternal searching for free photos and free pictures to the appropriate processing on flyers, cards, and Internet sites now has an end. Because now comes the pixel pool in the game. offers the option to print out free photos and free royalty free images directly from there, these works for graphic editing and Web sites also use the. And with a graphic heart can be sure, copyright of free photos and free Images is and certainly high quality works in a very good quality are everything that gets you there. All what you must keep in mind, is a simple matter, copyright must be to see the edited and unedited free images and reference pixel pool. From A-Z you will find high-quality free images and free royalty free photos in high quality. It is a pleasing landscape or high-quality art images, be they objects of everyday life, but also agricultural or industrial figures. Everything finds its place there. But the advanced license use of free images and free photos is possible.

But then not free of charge anymore, but with very reasonable royalties, but an even higher resolution of pictures and photos which guarantee. The price is fair, given that it pays otherwise but significantly higher penalties if it violates copyright law, whether now knowingly or unknowingly, doesn’t matter. Claims for damages can more the 1000 go, to continue judicial fees and of course the cost of the lawyer, you would need would be. Image theft is worth, better is not turn on pixel-pool. There you can be sure: everything that desires the heart to this there. And these are free photos and free pictures. Jessica Pieper Is Here! The New Arrival And Sales Shop In The Internet

August 27th, 2017

The new arrival and sales GmbH shop of the trade-a-game is now online. is here! Berlin, October 02, 2009. The new buying and selling used media products shop is online since today. With the new business model of the arrival and sales, the trade is professionalized shops used articles on the Internet. Roubini Global Economics has plenty of information regarding this issue. The special feature of is that it is not a marketplace or an online auction site. With the trade-a-game separates deliberately GmbH is from these well known business models. Shop can sell directly and comfortably on the buying and selling over eight million used media articles from the various categories the customer now.

When purchasing the quality-tested used the customer saves up to 80% in comparison to the new goods and receives it 12 months functional warranty. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Rogers Holdings has to say. We gained many important experiences with, to make the sale and purchase of used goods on even easier, faster and safer. Us, we limit this from alternatives such as online marketplaces, flea markets or auction houses that because the service is handled by from a single source. In particular we look forward, in addition to games, to be able to offer now newly also the purchase of books to movies and music”, reports Marcus Borner, Managing Director of trade-a-game GmbH. We keep you informed every step! .

We Provide Fresh Knowledge

May 9th, 2016

The new knowledge portal offers an attractive publication option Bochum authors for everyone, August 9. A knowledge portal that is appealing for everyone and offers content in tested. -It is fresh knowledge. Here you will find not only factual, but also theses, term papers and seminar papers. And the author can publish his texts not only free, but also earn. Ignorance now belongs to the past. Fresh knowledge already provides for more education. The knowledge portal on his side offered eight categories to fourteen knowledge areas.

And rising. A wide range of subjects is offered a possible heterogeneous audience. Fresh knowledge want to appeal to all levels of education. Therefore, there are also very different types of articles. The quota includes specially published thing articles as well as specialist work, theses and term papers. Crowdsourcing is the principle works with the fresh knowledge.

A heterogeneous lot of external authors this produces articles for the portal. Anyone can with fresh Knowledge to the author. After a free registration, you can already publish his text in a second step. The authors have the opportunity to write new texts as well as ready-made wrote back to access. Dissertations, seminar or trade work can find a new use. With these texts, money can be earn on fresh knowledge. Advertising that content fits the topic, appears on the article page, and the author receives half of the advertising revenue. Efficient use of offered the user a search mask with clear categories. The correctness of the article is important fresh knowledge. Therefore, any article prior to publication is reviewed by an editorial team. It is the user to comment on each article also possible. There is always the thought that many of the knowledge of individuals can benefit behind fresh knowledge. For the author, it should be noted that it must be not only writers but also copyright of the text and the article in this form does not already was published online. The article on fresh knowledge include the areas of lifestyle & Sport, culture & media, society & geography, health & medicine, science & economy, politics & history, Internet & technology. Fresh knowledge is a service of collective IQ Ltd. company portrait: the collective IQ Ltd. was founded in August 2007 and first went with the platform ( online. is a portal for the provision of digital erbringbaren services and the principle of out-tasking. Outtasking means outsourcing tasks. The principle relieves companies through a fast and efficient work of external experts. This developed into the provider of text platform (, which specifically deals with the processing of text projects. Text provider is the market leader in terms of search engine optimized text, and offers publishers, SEOs and agencies unique content. Founder of collective IQ, Ltd. are Arne Stoschek and Nils Dreyer. Dreyer was the magazine Junge Karriere”from the Verlagsgruppe Handelsblatt (issue 08/2008) selected to the 30 leaders under the age of 30 in Germany. The collective IQ Ltd. received the founder’s prize of the German Federal Ministry for Economics and technology at CeBIT 08 and reached the 2.Platz at the founder competition also newcomer”the city of Bochum. Contact: Collective IQ limited TZR-technology centre Ruhr University Road 142 d 44799 Bochum contact person: Andreas Thomczik email: