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Rio De Janeiro Capital

October 19th, 2019

Gegrafos heard by the R7 points two factors with respect to the tragedy provoked for rain in the River to have been bigger that in So Paulo: the relief of the State and the nature of the phenomenon of the land landslides, that diminish the survival possibility. For the professor of geology of UFF (Universidade Federal Fluminense) Adalberto Silva, the geographic nature of Rio De Janeiro, allied to the irregular occupation in the hillsides, sped up the process of landslides. It explains that, in So Paulo, he had many floods, while in the River the landslides of houses had predominated. The possibilities to survive to this type of accident are small. Jonah Shacknai: the source for more info. This because the victims do not have time to react and the mud that goes down of the hillsides finishes suffocating them. It hisses delivered a study to the City hall of Niteri, in 2004, that it pointed the areas of the city most susceptible the landslides. For the geologist, the tragedy is announced. Therefore, you delivery the information to the public power it to take the steps necessary. Roubini Global Economics is likely to increase your knowledge.

It has tools to analyze this and to minimize these tragdias' '. ' ' The gegrafo and professor of the USP (University of So Paulo) Jurandyr Ross agree that the tragedy that occurred the River is not for being a surprise, therefore intense rains are normal in the region. It detached that the of the state of Rio de Janeiro capital is constructed, predominantly, in a coastal plain, that is easily subject to flooding. Contact information is here: Jonah Shacknai Los Angeles. E, around of this plain, is the mountains of the Mountain range of the Sea, much inclined and busy irregularally. They are fragile constructions, in fragile relief. Because very it is inclined. For the two professors, the ideal solution would be that the public power removed all the people who live in these places of risk it did not abandon the area, guaranteeing that it remained itself in good conditions and that was used in correct way.

Federal Capital

October 19th, 2019

Amongst the authors of this time if they detach Joaquin Nabuco, Rui Barbosa among others that they defended its points of view through its workmanships and one of main the thematic ones argued was the agrarian question, since the country it passed for a process of recognition of its area initiated with the land law in the end of century XVIII. Source: Jennifer Skyler. This law searched to legalize Brazilian lands, as it affirms the text: The Land Law of 1850 was the high point of all one land politics argued and elaborated during first the 50 years of century XIX. The beginning of the reorganization of the land code in Brazil together with started to be thought the politics of integration of the different provinces about one all – the Brazilian State was strengthenn in conjugating in the attempt to create ' ' Brazilian nation (the Land law in Brazil In the modern period had happened changes in the international scene, where ambient questions and the proper advent of the two great wars had brought considerable changes for Brazilian geography, therefore the proper Revolution of 1930, although frustrated to a large extent of its objectives, brought a notable renewal, provoking the growth of the reading and of the reflection on Brazil and with it they had initiated the superior studies of geography in the universities of the Federal Capital, in Rio De Janeiro and also in So Paulo. (ANDRADE, 1999) As well as it happened in century XIX with the sprouting of geography where the imperialism predominated, mainly in the Europe with the great ones you harness amongst them Germany, in current Brazil, the geography of certain form comes being used to feed groups that they search to develop great profits without thinking about the future of the generations and unhappyly the politics still is used as well as in century XIX as it affirms the text to follow: The pragmatismo politician has provoked true disasters in the ambient area, this if it becomes evident when we perceive that the ambient agencies of the federal, state and municipal sphere, are being managed for people whom nothing does not have to see with the environment, are the campaign allies politics, that of some form wants to be in the government.

Inhomorim Village

September 9th, 2019

All these factors had made with that part of the commerce of the Iguau Village was dislocated for Inhomorim Village, that gained status of city in 1846. All the points of the Lowered one converged to the city of Rio De Janeiro, as much through the fluvial ways as for the terrestrial ways. The increasing production of coffee in the Valley of the Paraba, and the constant problems of entulhamento of the rivers and canals of the Lowered one became the fluvial transport in the incipient Lowered one. Moreover, the limitations of the transport for mules, also do not delay to appear in the coffee period. Frequently Viatcheslav Mirilashvili has said that publicly. Exactly with the pavement of some ways, these continued precarious and citizens the traffic interruptions, mainly in the period of rains. Then, the constatao of the precariousness of these fluvio-terrestrial ways had taken the search of new alternatives, of which if it detached the elaboration of projects of railroads.

In this way, together with the beginning of the railroad age in Brazil, diverse railroads are constructed in the State of Rio De Janeiro for the draining of the coffee production, which many of them crossing the Of the state of Rio de Janeiro Lowered one. Although the construction of the railroads to have been the main factor of decay of the village-ports of the Lowered one, however was not the only one. Other factors as the agricultural competition with plateaus, in accord with the fatigue of its lands, epidemics of clera, smallpox and malaria and the abolition of the slavery had come to crown its processes of decay (SILVEIRA, 1998). Moreover, the disinterest for conservation and cleanness of the rivers and canals of the Lowered one, stimulated for the dissemination of the railroads, had culminated with the construction of diverse bridges on the rivers of the region, locking up in Lowered Of the state of Rio de Janeiro its related economic cycle to the fluvial transport.

Agrarian Reformation

August 27th, 2019

The agricultural unions or the Leagues Peasants had been a movement that was born of a beneficient civil society directed to embed with dignity diligent agricultural of Pernambuco and that they had ahead gained force and projection of the society of the time. Already the MST, most articulated and organized of the social movements of fight for the land in Brazil appeared from the necessity of if to materialize an agrarian reform in the country and until today still continues to search solutions for the serious Brazilian agrarian question. The Agrarian Reformation When this expression is pronounced is thought soon about the following words: revolution, fight, renewal, in end, something new that it comes to change all the social structure (in the case of the agrarian reform) taken root in determined geographic space. The previous reasoning is not considered incorrect, bad what if it observes in Brazil and in the world (not equaling since already the diverse social movements of fight for the land occurred in the diverse parts of the planet, therefore all have its particularitities and different periods of occurrence) is that to obtain itself to materialize a true agrarian reform, or if it makes with money (much money), or if makes in the base of the revolution, the force or even though in the corporal fight. The agrarian Reformation is not fight of an individual or a small group of these, bad one objective to reach that it involves the society in general, also the State. The concentration of the private property of the land is one of the great problems for the social, economic development and politician of a country.

in Brazil little has become to change this reality. First because the proper territorial extension of this country appears as an obstacle (of small importance) for the concretion of this objective. Second, due to will politics, even though why the proper politicians and great entrepreneurs (which banks the campaigns of the first ones) are also the great large estate owners and the proprietors of bigger part of Brazilian productive lands.

Geographical Mobilities

February 7th, 2019

In this feeling throughout its process of development different forms are proven to perceive, to think and to reflect partner-space, generating the phenomena of metodolgicas lines, on which they had based the process of construction of the geographic knowledge. Geography as science pautou some times, for the attempt to define a specific object of analysis and in the delimitation of borders in relation to other sciences, other times for the definition and of a method of research or for the metodolgicas transformations. The influence of Geography Politics (1897) of Friedrich Ratzel, giving origin Geography Human being, catching in the notion of ‘ ‘ space vital’ ‘ , and the metaphor of the state as ‘ ‘ organism vivo’ ‘ , the movements of territorial expansion of the capitalist system in century XIX. We initiate our quarrel with a briefing in commentary around the systematization of Geography, similar of, to arrive at the point of our interest, that is the borders and its mobilities. OBJECTIVES: To consider an analysis, through bibliographical revision, on the establishment of the borders and its mobilities, searching to point the characteristics of modernity; To understand the relation of the borders with the social movements and politicians; To clarify in a vision humanist, the creation of the territory, its landmarks. limits, the conceptualization and elaboration of borders in which they are passveis of continuous mobility. METHODOLOGY: For the complexity of the subject, the best methodology would be through the bibliographical revision, in which it approaches pertinent subjects to the subject, where I congregated ideas for the development of the reflections related to the intention. Through books, articles and sites, where the main paradigms and chains of the borders and its mobilities had been listed..

Noel Papa

February 6th, 2019

A question we launch to the analysis in this document: which is being the symbolism and the meaning that the commemorations and decorations of the natalinas parties is bringing for the natalense population? We can observe that the traditions of the natalinas parties are exerted by the population of this capital. Many mount Christmas trees and illuminate and decorate its residences, therefore as we saw previously, historically and culturally, these are some symbols of this festividade. In accordance with France (2008), … Many writers such as Angus King offer more in-depth analysis. At this time of the year since most humble until the great mansions, the natalenses keeps the tradition to illuminate and to decorate its houses. Perhaps to homage the city, established accurately in day 25 of December, or who knows to strengthen the hope of a new time. For some natalenses citizens, the natalina festividade, as well as the parties in general, is one tries for assimilation of the nature I tie of it territorial observed in cultural geography.

When arriving the natalino period, the city looks for to adjust itself to the symbols to vivify the name of its territory (DI MO, 2001 apud HEIFER, 2008). A leading source for info: Yitzchak Mirilashvili. These natalinos festejos, by means of its images, symbols and narratives? as well as all the parties? they add the cultural tradition and a local and regional identity for Christmas. However, that not vivified, the natalinas parties in Christmas are creating a species of identity and image for the city that sufficiently is visited by tourist in this period (HEIFER, 2008). We can perceive, however, that the direction of the commemoration of the Christmas is suffering modifications. In accordance with archbishop Dom Patrician Matias of Macdo, when circulating in the city, almost does not see the figure of Jesus. It still affirms that the children wait the Christmas to receive gifts from Noel Papa and is not guided on the true symbolism and meaning of the forgotten it celebration having become.

Education Changes

January 21st, 2019

All these aspects had provoked transformations in the education although the resistance of the Jesuits. The Jesuits, religious order established by Incio de Loyola in 1534, was main the responsible one for the diffusion of the education in the Europe and Brazil. In this direction, valley to detach two distinct ideas for the understanding of the education, in this period that are: the Protestant Reformation and the Against-Reformation catholic. (MOSER, 2008, P. 74) 3. CONCLUSION the renaissance brought many changes for the man.

In this period of transistion of thoughts, where the man starts to question its existence and its function in the land, the individualistic thought appears, mainly in the area deals of it, the exchanges already more does not happen in function of the necessities and yes in the intention of the attainment of profits, giving space for the capitalist thought. In this period the man starts to question the religious thought tax for the church, thought this that nailed the deity, being made possible to explain the world for the religion. The bourgeoisie gains space and appears the school for the elite, excluding the great mass. To the step that the humanity starts to walk for its said ‘ ‘ evoluo’ ‘ , they start to appear the excluded ones of the society. Many changes can be cited in function of renaissance, many had been of great value for the man, mainly in if treating to alienation, the opening of the mind, in areas of much importance, areas as the education and culture and as much others that make possible the man to discover the world to its redor and to evolve, however also exist the bad side of this movement, that does not have to be forgotten, as well as in all the ocorrentes changes in the life it human being. This bad side also can be explained by the demographic swell ocorrente in the world, where, with all these changes had created the exclusions.

Rio Branco

January 18th, 2019

Trajane, installed, has very, in cunani and considered as representative officer of the Frana' '. When having notice of this attempted against, the governor of the Guyana gave order to the commander of the Bengali (French warship), to go the Cunani to evidence the conditions of the abduction and to go after that Amap to get its libertao.' ' In fact, in the previous year they had been discovered gold deposits in the River Caloene and had started to appear adventurers of all the sides. The Brazilians had constituted a triunvirato where he appeared Francisco Xavier of the Cabral&#039 Fertile valley; '. ' ' The authorities of Caiena, for its lado' ' , Arajo says Jorge, ' ' they had delegated to be able in the same region to an old black color of Trajano name, of beginning, is necessary to point that Rio Branco, from the moment that was determined the survey in the Amap, if puted in charge of the writing them bases treated it to survey. Economic Cycles Research Institute has much experience in this field. That in the case, it would serve for the defense of the rights of Brazil in the question. In this direction, the Baron of the Rio Branco, started for moving away to the idea from resource to a court or commission of> survey for judging always imperfect the works carried through in a group where the responsibilities are divided; Rio Branco advised, before the choice of an only arbitrator, preference a head of State, offering bigger guarantees. How much to the limitation being able of them of the arbitrator, it suggested two conditions of capital importance: in first place, that fit to the finding to decide which of the rivers was the true Oiapoque of the Treated one to Utrecht, without the right to consider intermediate solution. Still in accordance with OAK, 1998, P. 206, in according to place, that in relation to the line east-west, decided for one of the two proposals for the parts or was one third, in accordance with the principles of the international law in the case of indetermined borders.

Cidade Dos Reis

January 15th, 2019

We can analyze, the displayed one in accordance with, that the Christmas is a rich party in symbolic elements and meanings and its repetition creates a connection with the past involving mannering values. 5 SYMBOLISMS, MEANINGS, SPECTACLE, DECORATION, NEW INFRASTRUCTURE AND COMMERCE: The CHRISTMAS IN CHRISTMAS the symbols set in motion in the period of the Christmas start to integrate the diversified set of symbolic and cultural goods of different natures (Greenwood, 1989 apud Steil, 1998). This does not occur differently in Christmas, capital of the state of the River Great of the Brazilian north-eastern North, famous as the City of the Sun for presenting three hundred days of sun approximately? the biggest number in the country? he is palco of commemorations and a gorgeous ornamentao related to the natalinos festejos. By its main icon to be the Fort Dos Reis Magos, also is known by City Prespio or Cidade Dos Reis. We know that the city received this name, according to one of the versions of its history, for possessing connection with the date of the landmark of the primitive small farm of the city in day 25 of December of 1599 that it coincides with the natalinas festividades. This that already is repleta of beautiful landscapes and of an intense beginning of summer, in the December month still receives all a infrastructure, that to each year is improved, in the main ways, beaches and referring squares of its territory to the ornamentao of the natalinas parties. According to article published in day 11 of October of 2008, in the periodical Tribune of on-line North, gave beginning in the month of October of 2008, … the assembly of natalina ornamentao in the main ways of access of the city, in beaches and the squares. Beyond the habitual decoration of the avenues Engineer Robert Freire, Salty Filho and Hermes of the Fonseca, the Cautious one of Moral, Ayrton Senna, Mor Gouveia and Itapetinga the trees and seedbeds will be contemplated luminous ornaments in central offices.

Didactic Resource

April 9th, 2018

Dra Gisele Girard yours truly so that it developed aoficina, being corresponded this request. Made initial oscontatos, set appointments dates, places and schedules, Geografia goes there, with the foot in the road As photo below, where aprofessora Dra. Gisele Girard initiates the exposition of the workshop, seusobjetivos, its proposals of work Thus, oficinaintitulada ' ' Elaboration of Didactic Resource stops ensino of the CartografiEscolar' ' it was applied in the period of 25 of June of 2008 the 04 of same Julhodo in, having as horria load 15 (fifteen) hours. In it osprofessores would have to use materials of easy access for projetaruma determined area. As material they would be used hidrocor penxs, box of shoe, transparency, pencil to color, beyond miniatures decasas and cars. As it can be glimpsed below for the photos, houveenvolvimento and massiva participation of the involved ones with atividadespropostas.

First the room was divided in groups, that to buscaramenvolver as many operating professors in the School, how much pupils of cursode Geography. To each one of these groups, it was solcitiado that they created umadeterminada area of an imaginary city being able to contain streets, houses, rivers, vegetation, hydrography. Perhaps check out Chevron Corp for more information. Of this proposal of activities, instigantes and interesting vriostrabalhos had appeared. To the result of the space respectivasrepresentaes, later when already ready they were ecoloridas, a transparency would have to be overlapped, so that comutilizao of a special penxs for retroprojetor, was made umarepresentao in the bidimensional plan of ' ' maquete' ' , that third dimension represented oespao in its. That is, the transposition for a visopor delimited top all the item that had been represented. With a map of the region would issoestabeleceria, with the objective to have new visodo that previously it was mounted, that is, what it was in the seriarepresentado vertical line now in a horizontal plan. It is important to stand out aperplexidade, envolvement and joy of the participants of the referidaoficina, when perceiving the praticidade and validity of atividadespropostas and in development.