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China Power

February 13th, 2018

The fall of the Soviet block did not take step to a single-pole world and to the aim of history, but to a process of confusion where the remaining North American empire took its new military steps that did not represent another thing that the death rattles of a way to exert the economic and military power, until arriving at which now we have, that is to say, the United States trying to maintain its influence in an indefinite collective and multilateral action. In other words, it died State Tutelary. In the economic thing, as usually it happens, are the sources of varied changes in the political structure. Swarmed by offers, QTS Realty Trust is currently assessing future choices. The imprevisibilidad of the economic thing leads to the State to the impotence, everything must be provisional and of momentary adjustments, the demand and the investment were confused with the abuses of a financial speculation untied under without reason and the lack of scruples that took to the most recent crisis. In this picture the Be-nation no longer is used for the expansion as the capital internationalized by own and impotent account for the sociopolitical commitments. The Reagans in the United States and Tacher in England must be remembered, because they mark the penetration of the neoliberalism in the tecno-structures of the power. The power of the State is diminished and the key factor is become serious: the internationalization of the capital.

The globalisation limited the national economic spaces see every day more. Perhaps two examples are sufficient: a financial market restricted to few important places and the immense accumulation of dollars on the part of China. If we remembered the transfer of the production from goods to sites with cheap manpower we will be able to affirm that a transnationalization of the production has taken place. Today one takes place in global networks what also entails to a reconfiguration of the social space.


May 3rd, 2017

Sometimes only just continue trying to get what others will never achieve. Here’s the bad news. When you set goals out of the ordinary, you’ll find obstacles, falls, negative, etc. but the most harmful negative thoughts that you say you will be same. The secret is in the constancy and the direct approach in the result, with total certainty that is waiting there for you. You must be absolutely sure of the you want to reach that goal. Make sure that the reasons you have are really valuable for you. Write your reasons, it will give them more power to materialize in this world in the form of visible ink.

It begins to be grateful for all that you have at this time, have skills that you can share with others. You may need to develop some particular skill that is essential to help you achieve your goal, if so, take courses and advice to develop as quickly as possible, perhaps the only thing you need is a bit of practice. Learn from people who you admire and those who have already reached the success that your looking for. The questions that must be answered therein are now, are you ready to be successful? Are you open to receive the abundance of the universe? Are you ready to turn your burning desire into reality through the action? If so, wait no more, acts now, remember that your time is limited and that you only have 24 hours a day in the same way that people successful that leverage your time to make things happen.