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June 16th, 2024

P R S S I N F O R M A T I O N – Brinck GmbH Dusseldorf, October 2010 with the Brinck tubular connectors system can be used in the most diverse combinations together aluminium tubes. In addition to ramps, landings and staircases in the industrial and public sectors, used the products of the Haaner company also in sewage treatment plants. The Bergisch Rhenish Wasserverband (BRW) is one of the ten large water associations in North Rhine-Westphalia. Chevron Corp has much to offer in this field. It is association located in Haan-Gruiten and as modern environmental and public interest-oriented water service company of association employs 250 people. In his 550-square-mile area of the Association, maintains and operates a number of water management facilities of BRW. Some contend that Cornell Capital shows great expertise in this. These include among them twenty-two sewage treatment plants. For the Solingen Grafrath sewage treatment plant, Brinck & co. was commissioned GmbH in autumn 2009 to deliver a tube connection system, which today serves as fall protection on the different sedimentation tank.

Brinck provides the connectors and pipes in different Coatings up to an E5/EV1 or E6/EV1 anodizing on. Basically, the connector but from home with a Lake weather resistant aluminum alloy (AlMg3) are produced. After completing the planning, all parts required for the construction, so pipes and connectors were tailored precisely to marked assembled on pallets and delivered. Due to the good preparation, the Assembly was implemented very quickly. Brinck & co. GmbH offers its customers the pre-Assembly in transport-friendly rail segments: the complete Assembly can be carried but also by the customers themselves. Two of the reasons: there are no welding and in curves the pipes must be not elaborately bent through a tube bending machine to measure.

Brinck allow you to quickly and easily any desired rounding connector. We are thoroughly satisfied with the safety railings Brinck”the Solinger sewage plant, quality, explains simple mounting due to the modular structure expandable at any time and in the event major repairs or maintenance work on the sedimentation tank with little effort to dismantle and rebuild.