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April 7th, 2017

No, it is not the beginning of the typical Doctor joke, doctor. It is a daily reality. For some time it seems that it has become fashionable among practitioners of medicine automatic recommendation of practicing swimming for anyone suffering from any problem/annoyance/back pain. But is it really the best? To start being positive, it is a surprise that recommend you to go straight to the pool, not the pharmacy. Finally we are realizing that the best way to improve our physical condition and prevent possible future problems is exercise. And swimming is exercise, of course. But we can say that it should not be the basis of our training plan if what we seek is our recovery from back pain. Let’s see the reasons.

The man is a terrestrial animal. I insist, it lives on Earth, dry. Physical and mechanical conditions in the Earth’s surface are very different from those of the water. The main: the force of gravity. Force present in its entirety when we are on the ground, and much less when we immerse ourselves. Even more when we have air within us, what pushes us to the surface, against own gravity. All this makes sure our body is designed to work efficiently in the company of gravity. Not only when we move.

To breathe, the air enters top down. Like to eat and the entire process of digestion and excretion. Even the heart is designed to work in favour of gravity. Focusing on the movement. Contact information is here: John Grayken. Do you notice what position you travel overland? With the body vertical. And in the water? Totally to the contrary, horizontally. So radically changes the Biomechanics of our shift from one medium to another. When you walk, your axle load (the spine) is located in the same direction as the force of gravity. So, if your posture is correct, the body practically won’t have to make any effort to keep balanced.