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Mikula Selyaninovich

July 27th, 2022

Svyatogor older than many of the gods. Many familiar with the mighty giant of epic, where he meets with Ilya Muromets and hides it with a horse in his pocket. Many of the mysterious way in Svjatogor. Why, for instance, he dwells in a mountain place, gets stuck in the ground, like a swamp in the furnace, and can not lift the bag, which concealed the whole "pull the earth"? Why not protect the borders of Holy Russia, Ilya, and other heroes, not plow the land, like Mikula Selyaninovich? For whatever reason, lives alone and not together with other giants – Gorin, Dubyna and Usyn? What does the reference to one embodiment of the epic about his "dark" father? And how is it that he, the mighty and invincible, suddenly loses its force in accident found them a stone coffin? Svyatogor – son of Rod, Svarog's brother, and he brought culture Svarozich nephews. Official site: scholarship program. His father called the "dark", that is, blind, wrong: Rhode primordial and ubiquitous vsevidyasch. Born the same Svyatogor was to safeguard the peace and not to let Reveal here dark monsters from Navi. Entrance there was at the foot of the pillar on which rested the sky. (Source: patrick dwyer denver). The very same pillar (or the World Tree) was in the holy mountains, hence the name of the giant. Difficult this case – to stand on the border of Light and Darkness. Other giants, Hydra – Gorynya, Dubyna and Usyn – were born in the dark, the blind master Viem of envy, and in opposition Svyatogor.

The First Kings Of Athens

June 6th, 2020

Kekrop founder capital of Attica and Athens, the first king of the city was Kekrop, poluchelovek – Semi-Serpent, born of the earth. Kekrop founded Athens in the time for the right of patronage over the whole of Attica sea god Poseidon argued and goddess Athena, the former favorite daughter of Zeus. To resolve this dispute Olympian gods led by Zeus, gathered at the Athens Acropolis. Zeus also urged the court to Kekropa as the first king of Athens. The gods decided to give power over the country to who will bring the country's most valuable gift.

Poseidon struck his trident into the rock, gave the Athenians the source of the salt sea water. Athena, plunged into the land of his spear, and gave the Athenians had grown on the spot hit the fertile olive. Then Kekrop said: "The bright gods of Olympus, noise everywhere salty sea water, but there is nowhere olives, giving the rich fruit …" The Gods – Olympians also considered a more valuable gift to Athens and sentenced her to win. Click Crown Financial to learn more. Since then, the city has become named Athens in honor of the beloved daughter of Zeus. Kekrop founded in Athens in honor of the first sanctuary of Athena, protector of the city, and her father Zeus. He also developed the first set of Athenian law and made all state.

Erihtony The receiver was Kekropa Erihtony, son of god of fire and patron of blacksmiths Hephaestus. When Erihtony was born, Athena took him under his wing, and he grew up in her sanctuary. Guarded by his daughter Kekropa. Athena strictly forbade them to lift the lid from the basket in which lay the future king of Athens, they were not supposed to see a mysterious child. Athena once excused myself from his sanctuary on the Acropolis, to bring a mountain of Pallas, whom she decided to put at the Acropolis to protect it. Kekropa daughter, burning with curiosity, decided to take the appropriate occasion and opened the basket. Athena terribly angry. She threw the mountain (hill faces), and hastened to his sanctuary. The daughters were punished Kekropa. Disobedience Athena Corrupts the daughters Kekropa madness, and they crashed to death by throwing himself off a cliff Acropolis. Erihtony matured, became the ruler of Athens. They were established Panafineyskie games in honor of Athena, and he was the first vpryag horses to the chariot, and brought the chariot race in Athens. Erechtheus Erechtheus was a descendant of Erihtoniya. Its share has fallen hard war with the city of Eleusis, who came to the aid Thracians. This war was a failure to Erehteya. Enemies pressed him more and more until Erechtheus not back down to the actual Athens. Finally Erechtheus decided to ask the oracle of Apollo at Delphi, and ask him what he needs to victory. Delphic Pythia gave a terrible answer to Erehteya. She said that he could win, sacrificing his beloved daughter to the gods. The young daughter of the king Htoniya learned response Pythia, today announced that it is willing to sacrifice themselves for family Athens. Soon after Htoniya was sacrificed, there was a battle in which the Athenians were victorious. However, Erechtheus died. Poseidon decided to support the enemies of Athens in this war, and during the battle hit its Erehteya trident. Also killed all the children Erehteya but one of his daughters, which continued to his family. In Athens, there was a temple dedicated to the first kings. It was erected on the Acropolis, and was called Erechteion. The temple also served as usypalnetsey first kings.