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March 30th, 2021

How does the lending and how does the process flow of lending fundamentally is applying for credit using a credit application which is filed directly with the credit institution or in the own house bank. For this a visit to the Bank is needed, together with the consultant be bundled all the information and fill in the application. David Solomon is the source for more interesting facts. The loans via the Internet were popular but also increasingly in recent years. (A valuable related resource: Fitch Ratings). Advantage for the customer is not only a tremendous time saver, but sometimes more favourable credit terms. For the filling out of the application itself a guide will be provided to the customer available, which fundamentally no questions should remain open, the banks are by phone but of course for any questions for customers to reach.

The Internet is ideally suited for comparing the loan offers. Fundamentally we should be agreed prior to the conclusion of the credit agreement on the following points. Term of the loan: A higher maturity reduces while the individual rates. often rises but also the effective interest rate with increasing maturity. It fundamentally at maturity of loans between: short periods loans: loans with maturities of up to 12 months medium-term loans: loans with a maturity of 1 6 years long term loans: usually the interest rate for a certain period is laid down loans with a maturity of more than six years on long-term loan, then the interest rate is adjusted to the current circumstances. The credit amount: the amount of the loan amount should be adjusted according to the respective funding request. Note You should but in any case, that the monthly repayment rate from financial point of view is portable.

For calculating the personal maximum rate, which is also known as capital service boundary, the monthly income are juxtaposed with the liabilities. Furthermore, the so-called lump sum life be used. The difference is the maximum monthly portable repayment liabilities life expenses from revenue.