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Capital District

November 11th, 2019

Two of earthquakes stronger’s news followed in the past eighty years with a magnitude of 8.9 the first on the border of Colombia with Ecuador, Tumaco close on 31 January 1906 and the second in Sanriku, Japan on March 2, 1993. Why and for what this research respond to real, current and future needs within the socio-economic area. Socio-economic planning between its multiple applications should serve to realize the possibilities of preventing tragedies that may result from earthquakes. Learn more at this site: the restaurateur. By virtue of the earlier, was convenient approach to the following questions in relation to the research problem: what will happen in Bogota in case of an earthquake of great proportions?; are security measures currently applied to prevent a catastrophe in the Capital District?; How to could respond to one major emergency relief of the Capital District entities?; What are the plans on prevention and care of disasters for Bogota?; what the Capital District policies sen relationship with sismo-resistencia to build standards?; How can be prevented and addressing disasters caused by earthquakes in Bogota? Throughout this research it was possible to evaluate existing policies with respect to urban planning front seismic risks in the Capital District, as well as the planned activities to reduce the risks to a disaster of great magnitude caused by natural phenomena of type seismic and propose alternatives and applicable solution strategies in our midst. 1.2 The planning and the 1991 Constitution one of the priorities of the national Constitution of 1991 is the incorporation of planning as a key instrument for the achievement of the essential State purposes, that is, serving the community, promote the general prosperity and guarantee the effectiveness of the principles, duties and rights enshrined in the Constitution; facilitate the participation of all in decisions affecting them and in the economic, political, administrative and cultural life of the nation; maintain territorial integrity and ensure peaceful coexistence and the validity of a just order (C.N. .