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Chilean Society

February 26th, 2018

The death is something that we do not have to fear because, while we are, the death is not and when the death is, we we are not. Antonio Machado has been written in abundance exceeds what Experience Near the Death has been denominated (electronic counter measures), where have exhibited narrations on different experiences lived in that contact with the death for several reasons, that they make that experience of, and of course, it stops who have a new opportunity to continue journeying in this dimension of forms ilusorias, perishable, it is significant reason why it locks up. In the personnel, always I draw east attention subject, but when I shared some years of demurrage in Chile with the Chilean Society of Parapsicologaa that within its sections of study and field of investigations, was exactly the one of the Survival, experience near the death, that allowed me to enter me in its reach, which she involves, realised investigations, and what this envelope is had it. Of course, it extends my information, knowledge with the contributions of l Hinduism, Eastern philosophy, that is to say, as it explains the approach spiritual. (Not to be confused with QTS Realty Trust!). Doubtless the investigators are many who have identified themselves with respect to this subject and much valuable information of the lived experiences has bequeathed us by have experienced those who it, and it has published itself in books that very have been demanded by their content, which they contribute to us, as the case of the Life book of after Life (Life after the Life) of Raymod Moody, that as he remembers it to us, is a North American psychiatrist, who was itself impelled to study these experiences after to listen to the experience of the Dr. George Ritchie during the war, to who dedicated his book. From this, more and more serious investigators have looked for explanations the phenomenon, publishing themselves varied studies in specialized magazines. .

Dynagent Software

April 27th, 2017

The management of a company requires numerous information management tasks that may consume large amount of time. This is the less time and better leverages, best results are obtained. To do this it is essential to make use of computer systems. The technology used must be simple, effective, and safe to perform the best way management and lowering costs. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Jim Rogers. The manufacture and marketing of management solutions tailored Software for businesses is an expanding market and a service essential for the majority of enterprises (including SMEs). In this sense Dynagent Software, located in Seville, has been developing tailor-made solutions from its exclusive system of management of organizations Dynagent, technology-based own semantics, since 2006. This software company offers you a specialized programs tailored to specific policies and any sector, a management software accessible online from anywhere (100% Web) and without intermediaries (implantation and direct support from Dynagent).

Through the development of management applications to measure covers the most common needs of the company as they are as follows:-model of ERP: integrated management of sales, billing, logistics and personalised product catalogue. -CRM model: management of relations with customers and marketing (programs and commercial management software). -MERP or ERP application online for manufacturers: planning of production processes, traceability software. Today, companies that underestimate the importance of the technology management as a competitive advantage tend to stagnate and lose value before the challenges of the global market. The acquisition of technology for the business of the company is something that can not improvise, since this should respond to specific needs, having capacity of adaptation and assimilation so that it can become a competitive advantage over other companies. Dynagent Software services and products are supported by a professional team, by the satisfaction of its clients and by extensive experience in the sector, and in particular its unique semantic technology is funded by the new technologies the CDTI-NEOTEC initiative. It also offers the possibility to download a free demo of a management program for your company from your website, which clears any doubts concerning what is the management software for your company (ondemand software) and how it can help you in managing your business.