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November 6th, 2023

If you travel to Munich in October you can not miss the most famous beer festivities of this city and of the whole world. You can already start preparing you, the fair extent for beer is a jar of 1 litre per person. Those who are not considered able to drink a liter after another for hours, can ask a (1/2 liter) halbe and will be regarded with a little pity. The Oktoberfest takes place in huge tents on the Theresienwiese. Places in them are reserved months in advance so it is quite difficult to get a place in some of the tables that have each of these stores. However during the days of the Oktoberfest the entire city loses his usual calm and thousands of places open to taste Bavarian beer.

For the Oktoberfest Munich Brewers manufactured a special beer that is called Wiesnbier and it has higher alcohol content than conventional beers consumed in the rest of Germany. A Council of travel to keep pace with Munich during the holidays would be to follow the local custom of eating one of the Giants Brezn which is the Bavarian version of the well-known pretzel. They are only made during the party, you are called Riesnbrezn and weigh almost one kilo. For more clarity and thought, follow up with camden treatment associates and gain more knowledge.. While the hotel in Munich is not cheap throughout the year, day of the Oktoberfest is the point more difficult to get a reservation. However, a short distance you will find hotels where to stay after many hours of celebration. Searches for example in Aschheim-dornach little more than 20 minutes by train from Munich central station. And remember that the Bavarian capital has one of the best systems of transport in Europe, you staying where you stay, you’ll always have a way to get to the Oktoberfest. This year the Oktoberfest will be held from September 19 to October 4.