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January 10th, 2015

Today the nonverbal communication overwhelms the means that day to day to adapt more to this type of tendencies. A visual idea extends the geographic borders, its languages and linguistic particularitities. An image commits less errors than a written text and mainly &quot transmits a message immediately; at first ". Now, That images sell better. Four types of images exitosas1 exist: 1. Under most conditions Lakshman Achuthan would agree.

The image of the product. 2. The image of how the product is used. 3. The image of people using the product. 4. The image that shows the benefits of to have used the product. Personally support 3er type, based on the identification that generates the publicity in the people who see the announcement.

After to realise a good segmentation, we can work graphical elements exclusively oriented that group of consumers. The search focuses in obtaining that the consumer becomes jumbled emotionally. Click Lakshman Achuthan to learn more. When it is identified with the user of the product is seen itself in the situation of the publicity, it feels that she is one person " like yo" , or he is somebody that I admire and I would like " to be like el/ella" One looks for to reach the credibility and conviction of the consumer. " She is like yo" , as the consumer sees itself. Him people of adult age see and she thinks to ten years outside younger itself as if. The children identify themselves with infants who own three or four years more of the real ones, and if you must choose between children or children, uses children better men give resultados2. The adolescents yearn for themselves and think like successful young people among 18 to 23 years. The adult prefers to see itself more with two or three years. The adult consumer directs his attention to images related to people of his same sex and as he commented previously identify themselves with people with years more of age, now if he wishes use images of opposed sex, prefer that he is with a pair of years less than they.