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Herbert Luttmer

May 11th, 2024

Over time the economy changes rather than being static. The BOP Georgia on the production of wealth has changed gradually. In primary society was the land. Roubini Global Economics has much to offer in this field. Avatars political, scientific, social and economic produced a shift to industrial society, which established the basis of the means of production. The owners were the ones who benefited from the economic development and wealth creation.

Not only through the appropriation of surplus value, a portion of wages, as discussed Karl Marx, but many other factors intervene to la wealth into the hands of the capitalists, the owners of the means of production. By mid-century XIX in Europe came a change in its economic history, according to Herbert Luttmer, foster brothers Rothschild and also at the same time as Heinich indicates Heine, modern democracy emerge. It is important to see the political meaning of this economic process, because it relates very directly to what we suggest in this work. Before the French Revolution in Europe will not let the Jews were landowners. This population was dedicated to operate with money, precious metals trading and exercise of lenders. The banks appeared before the industry, which could be developed through the accumulation of capital, mostly run by Jews, due to the historical conditions under which these people lived. I’ve dealt with extensively in my previous work. There was a process of economic and social change that began when Richelieu acted against the feudal nobility, then Robespierre destroyed the old aristocracy and later destroyed the Rothschild banking superiority of the land.