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SOAT Torta De La Discordia

May 6th, 2021

The policy Constitution of Peru in the j. of economic regime Art. 60 and 61 title says that the State through the Ministry of health (MOH) has the obligation to subsidize preventive and curative medical care of persons who lack economic resources than carezcan of some sort of public insurance to private, the General Law of healthits regulations and other concurrent laws say the same thing. However, a long-standing State choking economically sector health providing it with a budget that does not allow you to meet this constitutional challenge, even more, has encarecido rates of care, moving its responsabilidad to limp pockets of the population do less resources, has decreased the budget for social programs such as SIS and following this channel dentro, in February 2003 the Minsa emite a directive without number, that rule participacion of the MOH in Soat patients in order to do collect policies and increase propios revenues, covering the gaps in its budget, para this allocates administrative staff and physician to attend to patients with trauma you-ve, moderate and severe (which is fine because they are people who care for people) but selling to the powerful insurance companies medical, insumes, hospital beds, medicines, rehabilitation therapies etc. appreciations scooped, subsidized by the State, prices that are low thanks to the taxes that we pay all Peruvians, permitiendo the powerful insurance companies have more benefit economic, more gain, at the expense of using drugs, doctors and cheap services, which belong to the uninsured people, which constitutes a serious crime and it is also unconstitutional abiertamente and that should motivate the rejection of the unions of the workers, medical bodies, the medical school, of the Office of the Ombudsman, who must act on its own initiative without waiting for requestsnor complaints, even more so today that with regard to open a service of Trauma in the Regional Teaching Hospital of Trujillo that all We salute and welcome, it is noticing with more clarity this naive intention that by winning a few Suns, just enriched further, to the powerful insurance companies that is frotan the hands of joy to see that already not cancelan the agreed tariff (Segus) clinics porque now canceled rates popular, as a Peruvian poor and not as a powerful aseguradora. In addition, we agree there is a trauma service, which is well organizado, that has its updated protocols, their doctors 24 hours a day and well-trained, pero would also like that there is a network of Trauma, involving the public and private sector, working in a coordinated manner, without envy, without jealousy, for the benefit of the people. Go to Patrick and John Collison for more information. Original author and source of the article