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Advertising Package

October 9th, 2021

Advertising package – the inevitability of the present day. Advertising on the package, like everything else in the world, is its evolutionary development in the minds of consumers. Only at the dawn of printing on packages advertising package was a novelty, exclusive. Plastic bag with the logo was the pride of its owners, even pointed to the membership of a particular group of consumers. Then, as the development of the advertising industry, in particular, the industry press for packages ads on the package was annoying, because it was a lot, including low quality. Advertising and package – became the original red cloth, on which consumers respond very aggressively.

During this period, noted more negative impact of advertising material on the consciousness of the potential audience. Today, advertising package is perceived more as an inevitability. And advertising on the package rather the ability to influence unconscious consumer than on the active perception. People almost daily by the package, so the information is depicted in it inevitably imprinted in his subconscious, even if he does not pay for it attention. In this case, if the information is selected and placed correctly, it can slowly build a positive image of the company in mind. Just take care also about the quality of the material from which you are making advertising package to paper or plastic bag with your company logo is not broke on the first day of use. Here, Darcy Stacom expresses very clear opinions on the subject. All this applies to both mass market and to a narrow audience. Features advertisements for package for a narrow circle of individuals are primarily manufactured as a package.

This concerns not only material but also design advertising package. Such package shall be securely connect to the consumer's mind with the appearance and the status of your company. The higher the quality and style of gift advertising package, the higher your status and stronger this relationship. Therefore, for that matter as an exclusive print on the packages should go carefully and responsibly.

How To Design An Advertising Agency ?

February 13th, 2017

By virtue of their official duties (account director advertising agency PromoLine Communications Agency, Ekaterinburg I often have to answer certain questions. Dear Advertiser: why do we need an advertising agency, what he does and what takes money. To answer these questions, I will give this article a small case, “simple” seems to work – design a series of posters (posters), tm vegetable oil “Crown of abundance.” For reference, this manufacturer is located in Chelyabinsk, produces and pours oil on a unique technology – cold filtering (ie, in such a way refining, when heating oil for the removal of harmful waxes, vitamins and acids contained in oil is not break down and retain their useful properties). This manufacturer has considerable experience with Moscow by advertising agencies (for which I appreciate Chelyabinsk business, it’s because of global thinking), and Director Marketing – extensive experience with eminent networking agencies (particularly Respect – do not often meet such a precise statement of the problem is so literate and filled with brief). Series of posters designed to placement in hospitals in various fields: children’s clinics, antenatal clinics, oncology, cardiology itp and should have been informed about the beneficial and curative properties of vegetable oils of the tm. In general, else paint does not make sense, give only an excerpt from the brief, which gave us this advertiser.

Excerpt from the brief to develop a series of posters for medical institutions. Objectives: 1. Create the impression usefulness of vegetable oils and in particular oils “Crown of Plenty” (the use of preventive, therapeutic purposes).