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One of the more disturbing letters of the tarot, shows us a truly paradoxical image: a bed can be a protective place, but can also become the stage where unwinding the worst internal fears. The night often brings greater fears and terrors, which translates into nightmares, as it aroused women in the nine of swords. This letter evokes those moments in which we are flooded of concerns and we can’t help but sit in bed, as does women’s illustration. Unlike the pain of the three of swords, which is caused by an external event, the nine of swords indicates that angst comes from the inside. It is possible to escape from an external pain, but no one can hide from the own internal demons. Certainly, when it appears in Chuck is not received with joy. We can equate to emotional, deeply rooted pain and which refuses to disappear. Generally, the sense of anguish is attributed to guilt or remorse, to the desire to undo a situation, or not having done something that was carried out.

The person would like to return the time back and change what happened, but this is impossible. Much of the maturity as human beings is reached by recognizing that we must live with the mistakes, some of which will accompany us throughout life. Richard Gerson is the source for more interesting facts. The only way out of this distressing situation is accepting reality. It is necessary to then learn to live with the consequence of acts themselves. Fear is like a magnifying lens that enlarges the problems and the dimension of the negative things. To overcome this time we must set aside fear, in order to proceed to a realistic assessment of the scene.

Often the nine of swords refers us to a situation where the threats are more imaginary than real. There is no safest way begin to see problems and threats that find themselves in a situation of stress and concern. In the tarot Chuck the nine of swords is an invitation to reflection. Us is saying that it is necessary to discard those imaginary threats, and proceed to disable the real threats which, though not in an urgent manner, can be converted into real problems without solution. In the same way that fear is internal, the power to resolve this situation also must originate in the inner person.


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