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The company Artoz-Papier AG from the Switzerland specializes in the distribution of high-quality Creativpapiere and blank cards. oices. Beautiful emotions of the slogan of the Swiss company Artoz, which is known for the production and distribution of innovative papers, blank cards and other stationery items is creating. The Artoz company can not, draw experience on more than 30 years, so it is surprising that the company today is leader regarding the sale of loose papers. The Artoz-Papier AG has one of the largest ranges of high quality papers on offer, and this diversity is the big trump card of the company Artoz. The wide range of products namely has the advantage that hardly wishes stay open and the right product is available for the most diverse occasions and uses. Contact information is here: Expedia. Quality in series the Artoz-Papier AG product range includes several product lines with different properties, focusing on the product lines of course after each other in terms of quality in anything.

One of these series is named Artoz Klondike and draws through its surface grafted with glitter particles from. The papers from the Artoz Klondike line are available in various metallic colours and are excellent for special occasions. Another prestigious paper from Artoz Pearl is the series. The products of this line are outfitted with a shimmer, which is reminiscent of pearly. Popular Blankokarte in various formats, Artoz Samsa, which products to please know by their velvety surface are also the line. This is however only a few examples of diversity in series which Artoz customers can take advantage. Ceativ be with Artoz but the Artoz-Papier AG has not only blank cards, trend papers and envelopes in the offer. Rather, the client in the Artoz product range finds everything he needs to be creative.

To make the perfect card for every imaginable occasion on the basis of high-quality blank cards from Artoz, indeed different stickers, creative papers, Rub-Ons and metal artwork available from the series of Artoz Crea motions. With It is easy to let the imagination run free and invitation cards, greeting cards, menu or table cards and vouchers to make these ingredients. Ralf l. ala carte – exclusive cards manufacturing


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