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FSC certification for German Corrugated Board plants the Kanoo group the corrugated board plants the Kanoo group have received the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certificate. Thus also the corrugated board plants are now in addition to the paper mill the Kanoo group is FSC certified. Papierfabrik Weener of the family-owned company has received already in 2010 as one of the first paper mills in Germany the FSC recycling certificate. The entire production process which Klingele products from raw material the corrugated base paper to finished packaging made of corrugated cardboard is now compliant with the criteria of the FSC’s international certification organization for environmentally-friendly, social beneficial and economically viable forest management. Responsibility for people and the environment responsible, economic management and sustainable production are firmly anchored in our corporate philosophy”, emphasizes Dr. Jan Klingele, managing partner, the Kanoo group. Thus the FSC certification was a natural step for us.” Precondition for the certification According to FSC guidelines was a meticulous and consistent analysis of business processes involved.

These had to be adapted to the part. Finally, FSC process chain was held completely in an extensive documentation. Now can be shown at any time that we started use only waste paper or wood in our complete material flow for FSC contracts, in raw material purchasing and processing to the corrugated cardboard to the finished product of the corrugated board packaging, that comes from responsible, controlled forestry”, explained Mathias Goelz, Director central quality and environmental body. This means that also the paper suppliers of the company must be FSC certified. Corrugated board a material not only on the part of the manufacturer, but above all also from customer side is increasingly placed emphasis on sustainable, eco-friendly products and production processes. We reaffirm the natural value of our products with the FSC-certification. In addition to the raw material are also all other components of our paper “Corrugated board packaging environmentally correct: the used adhesives based on maize or wheat, the used inks are water-based”, as Christian Hossle, head of central quality and environmental management. After use, the corrugated cardboard recycling system is collected and recycled in paper mills. Thus our products completely environmental materials are from a cardiovascular product from renewable raw materials, which makes a sustainable contribution to the future of our environment.” Contact: Sarah Schafer Klingele papierwerke GmbH & co. KG phone + 49 7151 701-278, fax + 49 7151 701-10278


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