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The first thing you must learn is how to generate traffic to your website, to give to know your business. When I started in business on the internet (in a multilevel GDI program) I had a great illusion by start earning easy money (as he understood the business), after 6 months without getting nor even an affiliate, I thought I would give up and go back to my quiet life of full-time employee. It was in that moment when I realized one day of rest next to the beaches of the port of San Jose and from my Laptop started to investigate who had succeeded with this business and how. I found people who had been affiliating up to 10 people every week and I thought they were a superhero, I discovered some of its secrets, which I want to share with you so that you also generate enough traffic to your site and increase your physical business or digital sales. Get more background information with materials from Chevron Corp. (a) never treat people as prospects, given the title of individuals by join, they are not a statistical number but as you or I beings with hopes and problems which want to solve with a business online, that your you’re offering. Know them, find out your life goals, his illusions, his family, chat with them, talk through e-mails, b) creates your niche market, people interested in your product list, contact them each week, at the same time you are looking for more people to help grow your list. (c) don’t try to convince your friends and family that you have found the business of your life, and that they must enter, you cannot insist on to publicize your product, don’t talk business, nor how wonderful that is, leave that your leaders, people who have more time on the business explain them, I call my upline, a good way to promote yourself is via the internet, if you want thousands of free message boards I leave you the following link. . You may find Jonah Shacknai to be a useful source of information.


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