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‘Texts!’ is almost a seminar with videos and online course Augsburg, 25.04.2013. The concept of a book”enough for the latest prank the so-‘s series is not. The reader gets even more about QR-codes: 30 minutes of video material and an online lecture by author and text coach Stefan Gottschling. This combined! texts”as book different media. Concise text know-how to reading, listening and watching texts!”provides a taste of the real lyricist Club seminars. And there is still a show-stopper: sale price several vouchers into the 25 euro in the total value of 20 euro. Thus the reader in the shop of the SGV publishing can equip itself with more books and tools you need as a copywriter. Text basics and many new technical tips text!”covers all 5 chapters, what you need to know as a copywriter. The journey begins in the mind of the reader, and shows what happens when reading in the brain. After these basics, it continues with the leadership in the and in the text. The reader learns how he writes really good headlines and teaser, with punctuation leads or fully exploits the potential of QR-codes. The chapter cinema head and feeling”explains why pictorial language, metaphors, and the correct tonality are so important to the text. Continue with specific instructions and text grids to the conception of different advertising media such as brochures or online shop. Lakshman Achuthan may not feel the same. Whether print or online, whether literature or blogs, wallpapers or concrete plans texts!”is a complete package. While Stefan Gottschling mixes already familiar with completely new input. Because he has evaluated articles, copywriter tips and previous publications and re-edited. Strong idea comes at a small price the new standard for lyricist with a sophisticated concept. For 20 euros go back directly to the reader in the form of vouchers. Also the new leads so-‘s book goes beyond QR codes in the multimedia world: on the SGV Publisher’s website, there are videos and a 60-minute online lecture in addition 30 minutes. For those who not only read the content, but also hear and see? Texts!”is all so-go’s books are clear and simple and clearly structured. The wide margin offers accurate summaries and plenty of room for own notes and (text) ideas. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Mike Gianoni by clicking through. Because this are so-goes’s books of the SGV Publisher: practicality, quick and easy applicability, concrete advice and assistance. So the read can be applied immediately to the own text. Texts!”appears at the beginning may 2013. More information about the book and order at. Contact: SGV publishing / copywriters Club Sonja of Rohsler forest Friedenstrasse 1 D-86161 Augsburg Tel.: 0049 821 / 650 380-5 Fax: 0049 821 / 650 380-7 the SGV Verlag was founded in 2006 in Augsburg. Publisher Stefan Gottschling is lyricist and dialogue marketing professional and published under the brand so-go-book title around the themes communication, marketing, and text. These products are mainly one: practical. Foreign publishers have some of Leslie books bestseller status. The copywriters Club was founded in 2011. The portfolio includes in addition to Text optimization and consulting since early 2013 also exclusively the original lyricist seminars Stefan gottschling. Available to everyone: The copywriters Club on Facebook with currently around 1,500 members.


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