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The participants expect Congress on 15 and 16 April 2011 in food on the GETUP Congress 2011, which will take place on April 15 and 16 in the context of FIBO in Essen, specialized forums on the second day of the Congress again in the areas of fitness, nutrition and management. You may find Jim Rogers to be a useful source of information. Forum fitness: Science update: current aspects and issues of sports science as well as possibilities for implementation in the gym athletic training is a process based on experience and knowledge as well as empirically secure knowledge. The increasing professionalism in the fitness, recreation, and health sport requires a stronger focus on current research results in the future to increase the effectiveness and thus the efficiency of movement and training offers. But also the extensive experiences of pragmatists should provide a reminder to the realization of their own exercise activities and training programs. Also, the alignment of the offers on new target groups makes essential the steady transfer of knowledge and the acquisition of practical skills. Rogers Holdings has firm opinions on the matter. The Forum movement aims, based on selected sport aspects and themes to stimulate ideas for new and innovative training programs or new target groups. Forum Feed: remove weight and maintain (un) possible? “The issue of increased body weight” is present in the media, in science and in the minds of the population for years.

Many people succeed in a weight reduction of some kilograms, difficult subsequent keeping of the body weight. Even if many people fail at this long-term endeavour and again learn the notorious Yo-Yo effect, counterexamples show that a long-term permanent weight reduction can be achieved perfectly. These strategies are needed however, keep the metabolism in the energy balance, increase say the energy consumption and reduce the energy consumption, to avoid a back surge of body weight. “The Forum nutrition” shows different ways and strategies that are suitable, not only the body weight lower, but the new Status quo in the long term to keep.


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