So The Spring

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“Parking lights in the Grugapark illumination sets nightly highlights when it gets dark, the experienced Grugapark Essen from 27 March to be very special Spring Awakening: lamps, luminaires, lighting effects and projections allow the shrubs, trees and lawns in bright colors bloom”. Opened with the park lights”Grugapark his Veranstaltungssaison is a real highlight. During the entire Easter holiday the Park from 19: 00 by the main entrance sets highlights starting, over the Orangery by the coniferous trees up to the Linden round a real insider tip for romantics, hobby photographer and night owls! Red, yellow, green, blue, striped, checkered, shaded: The illumination expert Wolfgang Flammersfeld and Reinhard Hartleif (F & H event company, Unna) driving a colourful play of light in the Grugapark. When the parking lights not only the lighting effects in the Park, but also the eyes of visitors to light”, the organizers provide the target. To achieve that, they actively involve the park guests in the action: Kaleidoscope, shadow play walls, a pedal organ and phosphorus panels which glow a handprint to invite to experiment with lighting effects.

The area of the Orangery to the Lake is transformed into a bright scenario. The illuminations experts will leave with over 20,000 light bulb, many lights, light objects and hundreds of meters of optical fibre experience parkland in a completely new light. Here it is exciting, that there are also interesting buildings in addition to the varied vegetation such as the graduation, are incorporated into the light scenery”, enjoy the lighting artist on the excellent conditions. A special attraction is an illumination for hobby photographers. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Michael Mendes Just Desserts. Looking for new, innovative designs, they are certainly find it when the parking lights. The organizers provide a platform them in the Internet under, there to present photos. The best two photos will be awarded with a season ticket for the Grugapark.


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