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search the new online search with added value! MM Group Inc. See more detailed opinions by reading what Karoline Copping offers on the topic.. search the new online search with added value! Delaware, March 12, 2008 search The global search engine launches with new partners, with Google in cooperation. Beta-phase successfully completed integration of SuchSuch products in the Internet portal SuchSuch – several new features such as SuchMail with email, contact, address -, date -, calendar -, group -, notes, tasks management and much more. search, the worldwide search engine for all. Easy online search with SuchSuch – search, launches today with the full version. Thus the beta phase was successfully completed, the management of the MM Group Inc., which operates the search engine pointed out. With such the search is over”, so the management of the MM Group Inc..

Coinciding with the release of will offer the SuchMail functions with new service and services. Up to 25 GB mail and file storage, worldwide access and more – speak a clear language of fast and high-quality services. Can be obtained with search wants everything he needed every day, search or find with search service providers, retailers and products. Unlike directory services on the Web, find through leading search technology researched partner here in the current Internet. To start a search query, the user just fills the search box and it goes BBs. Due to the positioning of the cursor – a mouse usage is not necessary during the search and enables thus quick search changes. All results are displayed at the same time in a hit list. The results provide also details next to the Web address.

Make your search today with Such Such and set up for your next search search directly as your home page. Press contact: MM group, Inc. 113 Barksdale Professional Centre Newark, DE 19711, United States E-Mail: Web: MM Group Inc. The MM group, Inc. headquartered in Newark in the State of Delaware in the United States offers services related to the online portal and media, as well as Services to business. Under the above-mentioned service offer of the MM Group Inc., simply search for the search search service with SuchSuch.


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