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Second, under our concept of preparing several figures. I will not dwell in detail how to do it, and so clear, and the goal is different. The main rule: each successive picture – this is another picture of your film, ie any change to the previous figure (adding a new item or replacement item, words, etc.). For example, we assume that we have these drawings with dimensions of 468×60 pixels have already done. You simply copy this page and save in a folder under different names, the easiest thing in the 1,2,3 format jpg. As you can see, the banner is not complicated and has only three shots.

Next open the program Bannershop gif Animator 5. You may find that Senator Angus King can contribute to your knowledge. At the opening set to open the master Animation: wizard opens – we put a slide show and click on: In the next window, click the select button image: Opens a standard Windows open documents (import images in our case). Hold down the ctrl, select a previously saved our pictures, and click Open. The following window appears with the import of our pictures, click below: window appears, where we propose to set the time frame rate in seconds. The default is 1 second. In our example, choose 2 seconds. If you're doing more training, time can be reduced. It may also be less than 1 second.

Click Next and in next window – you're done. Obtain the following result: By clicking the green arrow in control panel, our work before you save you can lose. Like it? Save. To do this, click File – SaveGIFanimation. How many seconds have passed? That's it! Discover and admire. Self-itself, it is the easiest option. If there is a desire to dig in this program, you will soon discover and learn its decent benefits. Possible and so now you already understand how to do it: I gave this description of the example of a banner for my site. Can place it on your site. I would be grateful. Send us the same way and their successful work with the explanations, I'll incorporate them into this story. Thank you for your attention.


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