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By title, or by the author if someone wants to locate a specific editorial work, the quickest way to do it is through the International Standard Book Number, better known as ISBN. This 13 digit digit is the hallmark of all published works and collects the most relevant information about them in a simple way. 978-84-7888-612-8 To many this set of digits not tells them nothing. However, this combination of figures has been probably typed in thousands of establishments in recent years, and is that what lies behind them is not only one of the best-selling books in our country in recent years: Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone, a play, like the rest of publications that are published each year in the worldIt would be impossible to distribute if it wasn’t thanks to this code that represents the International Standard Book Number, or what is the same ISBN. This international book numbering system was created in the United Kingdom in 1966 to provide each edited book of a numeric code that would identify it without giving rise to any kind of error; Since then and until now, more than 170 countries have adopted the ISBN to identify the editorial production generated in them. In our country, Decree 2984 of the year 1972 management established the obligation to disclose in all sorts of books and pamphlets the ISBN number, so now in Spain more than 900,000 references editions both in Spanish and in the various regional languages are listed by this system.

But what does the ISBN?. Cornell capital is often mentioned in discussions such as these. The end user, i.e. the reader, even if it is that less use of this numerical reference, is the main beneficiary of its existence, since this code is what allows the circulation of books in the editorial market and, therefore, responsible for that reaches your hands. This is so because this system is used by all distributors and marketers of books to catalog the works available, so that each of them is identifiable easily by all actors involved in the process of edicion-distribucion – sale to make this quick and efficient.


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