ReCommerce Mobile Phones

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As the treasures of the drawers can be used sustainably sustainability employs all and sundry but how can the individual contribute to? One way is to go about selling used products. You may wish to learn more. If so, Jonah Bloom is the place to go. Many tons of phones, computers and tablets annually hit the trash. A disaster for the environment and economically a loss seen. of course fashion trends and the manufacturer help vigorously to increase the waste mountain. Purchase services such as FLIP4NEW buy used equipment and return it after reprocessing in the sale. Broken electrical appliances end up on the rubbish, so carcinogenic dioxin may be produced during the burning – old batteries also contain the toxic heavy metal cadmium (banned since 2003).

Cell phones and Smartphones have about 60 different fabrics. Below are some valuable precious metals such as gold and silver. To promote a gram of gold, the producers in the cut must move a ton of gold ore and edit. The same amount is roughly 40 old mobile phones. FLIP4NEW has alone in the third Quarter 2.14 kg Gold purchased in mobile phones and tablets. Retired, but still functional equipment abounds: the industry association BITKOM estimates, that dusty in Germany in the drawers between 83 and 86 million old mobile phones discarded and unused, but usually without major quirks. The same applies to printers, tablets, televisions & co.: the land often just so on the trash, because there is a newer model with more power and features. FLIP4NEW environmental report lists a saving 12.683 tonnes of Co2 for the third quarter. That would be a Boeing 747 equivalent 325.251 newly planted trees, 2,443 cars a year not driving or 392 not started flights. Re-Commerce thus is a perfect method for sustainability.


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