Receivables Management

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Corresponding information under or can be obtained on the Internet. Of course, also the payment behavior of well-known existing customers in the eye is to keep. Their customer service representative notice often first, if these customers have problems, and are therefore a good source of information for abnormalities such as payment target overruns, frequent complaints or protective excuses. Use of the collection procedure the safest method to convert claims, fast cash is to grant the customers for issuing a debit account. In all cases the resulting increase in liquidity is similar to the Loss of cash discount granted more than out, because it will strengthen at the same time the corporate rating of Bank. A small gift for the granting of direct debit authorisation is often a good idea to improve customer loyalty.

Business relationships with new customers often not without risk are advance payment, partial payments as already described. Especially if their assessment is not possible, or a poor credit history is to certify them, it is advised to pass in order to reduce the risk of claims on advance payment or part payment. Blatant deficits shortening of Dunning levels In Dunning of many companies. Often is called irregularly or not at all with corresponding impact on economic outcomes. As an integral part of the Receivables Management, it is essential to an effective Dunning. Generally, no more than two weeks should be between the different stages of the reminder. While show accommodating companies at a first payment reminder, but at the same time on a payment exist, should the other reminders more clearly to formulate, if it is also only the second (and last) warning time to threaten with legal means are. With a smaller customer base, you might want to supplement the payment reminder by a personal phone call. The company’s employees are trained, can increase partly considerably the customer’s willingness to pay.


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