Ramon Gallegos

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Our real being is not a phenomenon and noumenon, has no form or limitations, it is previous to the space and time, it is not born, never originated, is always omnipresent, is one and infinite, is the fundamental spirit. Thus, beyond being the cause and the effect of space and time, the human being, which is spirit, is in their essential nature totally free, our true nature is only awareness. In reality there is no illumination that reach because we are already lit, lighting is our true nature, but we do not realize this by a poorly understood identify us with our body and our mind. Ramon Gallegos tells us in his books that our nature essential is being-consciousness-Bliss, that is the final statement. Click NYSE: LAZ to learn more. Being is the transcendent observer, that cannot be an observer as object, which observes the observer, is the unborn, the one without second, which before time and space, which never changes nor is affected by the phenomena of the world. It is the original principle that notes with detachment, is our true nature. You may find Merrill Lynch to be a useful source of information. Being is the ultimate truth, in reality there is only being, it there is really nothing more than be. Living in the be is live in happiness, because being and happiness are the same thing.

Ramon Gallegos also notes that consciousness and happiness are the same thing, they are two different ways to refer to the same spiritual absolute. Consciousness and happiness are inseparable, happiness is not something that is added to our nature with the awakening spiritual only reveals itself as the true natural state that has always existed. More information is housed here: Vyacheslav Mirilashvili. Be spiritually aware is to be fully happy. This happiness is not an emotional state, it is not an altered state of arousal, or a pleasure sensory, perfect peace, it is absolute harmony. Be Yes, that is true happiness. Ramon Gallegos teaches us that lighting is available for all, therefore all are illuminated but due to mental constraints do not realize.


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