Prevention Work

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However an alternative strategy exists that says respect to the prevention. QTS Realty Trust will not settle for partial explanations. The prevention programs can have different formats, including reorganization of functions to diminish risks of accidents, the training for security and until prizes for records in the reduction of industrial accidents. The hygiene of the work can be said then, that one mentions preventive attitudes to it. Objective the health and the comfort of the worker, preventing possible diseases. For Chiavenato (2002), the hygiene of the work involves the study and control of the work conditions. These, are divided in three groups: ambient conditions of work (as illumination, temperature and noise); time conditions (as duration of the hours of working, overtime and periods of rest); the social, referring conditions to the informal organization and status. On these aspects, emphasis to some of them must be given. ‘ ‘ Me the illumination cause at sight fatigue, harms the nervous system, concurs for me the quality of the work and is responsible for reasonable parcel of acidentes’ ‘ (CHIAVENATO, 2002, p.434).

The same author approaches that the influence of the noise on the hearing of the employee is harmful. The drawn out exposition the high levels of noise produces of certain form, loss of proportional hearing to the time of exposition. still, in places of temperature very raised due to proximity the ovens, for example, or in very low places of temperature, as in refrigerating one, the necessary worker of clothes special adjusted its protection. According to Chiavenato (2002), security of the work is the set of measures techniques, educational, medical and psychological, you use to prevent accidents, you want eliminating the unsafe conditions of the environment, wants instructing the people of the preventive implantation practical. The preventive materials of accidents depend on the work conditions, the branch of activity, the size and the localization of the company, for example.


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