President Nestor Kirchner

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Specifically, through administrative mechanisms that they will operate as filters, the Government may restrict entry into the country of goods considered sensitive. Brazilian products in areas as textiles and footwear are followed with a magnifying glass from the official offices, because a saturation of these low-cost would drastically affect local industry activity. The truth, that beyond these warnings, the Government’s strategy is to cling to Brazil to deal with the crisis. For this reason, in fact, the Government intends to delay as much as possible the implementation of measures to restrict the entry of products of that origin, while there are automatic mechanisms that enable it to do so and that everything is ready to begin. You may want to visit the restaurateur to increase your knowledge. Points out, in addition to different positions with regard to such measures, which have the two largest partners of Mercosur which is in the process of accession, the meeting will be held under the shadow of the recent controversy between the Argentina and Uruguay, originated after that the Uruguayan Government prohibit the candidacy of the former President Nestor Kirchner to the Presidency of the South American Union of Nations (UNASUR). Uruguayan refusal, qualified as a tort by the Government of Cristina Kirchner, further hurt the already deteriorating relationship between river plate countries, which maintain a hard dispute due to the blockade of the bridge San Martin, on the border, carried out against Botnia pastera entrerrianos Assembly members. It must be borne in mind, that Uruguay not glimpses that the Member countries of the common market of the South (MERCOSUR) structured a front to tackle the current international financial crisis during a meeting of the Council of the bloc tomorrow in Brasilia. Speaking of union is difficult because each country has different economic political and own characteristics, said the Minister of economy and finance, alvaro Garcia, who heads the Uruguayan delegation to the meeting to the press. .


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