Portal City

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From New York to Hamburg or Vienna attract the largest metropolises in the world not only with its cultural offer. In so-called beach clubs and Skybars found the necessary recovery after a walk through the town. Many beach bars within and outside of Europe are enjoying in recent years of very popular with tourists as locals. So travelers will not miss anything, the flight Portal fluege.de gives an overview of the most attractive localities. Only a flight to Vienna she located Hamilton Beach bar. Whether for brunch or to the cocktail hour, directly on the Danube Canal situated invites this bar to relax.

At a higher level, holidaymakers can enjoy the capital city of Austria, in the Onyx bar in the Haas-Haus. The views of the famous Viennese Stephansdom including is on the sixth floor. Messier is in the Big Apple New York. The water taxi Beach on long Iceland offers the flair of the island par excellence. Overlooking the skyline of the metropolis vacationers can end their day here and abut on more adventures. One of the world’s best martinis to slurp, in Rockefeller Center, is a must. The Rainbow room on the 65th floor is only something for brave without fear of heights. European is in Paris.

The three and a half kilometres long sandy beach of the Paris Plage, in the heart of the city, allows holiday feelings arise. The two most famous beach bars in the city find BERLIN of beach bars, directly at the central station on the river Spree. Deputies in addition to students sitting in the beach chairs at the Federal press beach. Here, beach volleyball will be played and chilled in the evening dancing. And while the big with cool drinks to relax, s is a swimming pool for the little ones to the cool down. There is something on the beach by the Spree River opposite the capital.


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