Platform Lift

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Many people are wondering what stair lift model better to you, or in your home fits. More and more people depend on stair lifts in the home. The reason is simple: do not pull out or they want to be not dependent on foreign aid. A stair lift helps here, but the question is very important according to the model. Essentially, there are two differences that you should keep in mind when purchasing a stair lift. The decision must be made between a platform or a seat lift. The variant of the platform lift platform lift should be considered especially for wheelchair considering not independently can sit around on a Chair. The advantage here is that the wheelchair can be transported with his wheelchair with the stair lift.

There is also a platform lift variants that are to move with a remote control so that the wheelchair, if it is health possible even without the help of a second person by the platform lift carry can. Learn more on the subject from cornell capital. In addition, the platform can cut and be raised, thus a storage close to the ceiling is possible. This is very beneficial for confined spaces. The fuse of the wheelchair is performed here by belts or to close doors. The platform lift is as opposed to transport larger loads to the seat lift able to carry smaller items unless they are accordingly secured. To obtain a seat lift seat lift the decision is easier, if can move the person to be independent yet or put on a Chair.

Should the stairlift only managed to be, because the person concerned can increase no more stairs, the seat lift is the most optimal solution. It can be operated by one person, so the person concerned can independently reach from one floor to another without the help of others in the claim. The seat lift runs on a rail, and can also be used for narrower staircases.


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