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At a ceremony in Moscow awarding the All-Russian open contest of pharmaceutical industry professionals "Platinum Ounce" drug "Enap" Company "Krka" was voted "Best Rx drug in 2007. " A year ago Enap was also awarded as "Best prescription drug in 2006." Such leadership in the category "Best prescription drug" refers to the widespread recognition of the drug and its safety, efficacy and quality. All-Russian open contest of the pharmaceutical industry professionals "Platinum Ounce" held annually since 2000 under the auspices of the Council of Federation and supported by the Ministry of Health and Human Development. Competition is the most significant showcase of professional pharmaceutical industry, and its methodology is based on the fact that professionals regard professionals and identify the best participants of the Russian pharmaceutical market. Determines the winners of the expert council, which includes 50 of the most competent professionals from all sectors of the pharmaceutical industry.

The correctness of procedures of the competition following the official auditor of the company Ernst & Young. Eighth contest was held in 2008 on a new methodology for assessing the contestants, which will provide even greater transparency and objectivity. In the first stage, by Expert survey identified four nominees in 12 podnominatsiyah competition. The second phase, electronic voting was conducted in real time directly at the awards ceremony. "We are pleased that the pharmaceutical community in Russia for the second year in a row gives a high estimate of Enap said in his response to the awards ceremony of directors of the "Krka" in the Russian Federation, Mr. Miran Bevets. "We want to thank all the experts for this award, which proves that Enap is very popular.

Last year, Enap was voted "Best of prescription drugs in 2006," at the beginning of this year, according to a survey, "Annual rating influential actors pharmaceutical Russia, 2007, "published in" Pharmaceutical Journal "drug Enap was named the most popular prescription drug in Russia. And in April 2008, he once again awarded the "Platinum oz. " It is, indeed, proves that the quality, safety and efficacy of deserved recognition to Russian consumers. " The quality of the safety and efficacy studies confirmed Enap repeatedly in Russia and abroad, which enabled him to become the gold standard in the group of ACE inhibitors (angeotenzin converting enzyme inhibitors) across Europe – the European Pharmacopoeia using innovative analytical techniques Company KRKA and the active substance as a standard of enalapril. To date, Enap registered in 53 countries.


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