Peru Majority

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To LA FE DE LA vast majority-ALAN GARCIA-part II metaphysics is that usually sustains and can specific what cannot be tested with the factual or scientific verification; Despite the current relationship between empirical science and not empirical political science metaphysics cannot be taken as an argument to support a reality. The other is to hold that a State of affairs goes beyond its life cycle, such as intends to do; which may justify some behaviors that say, not of the intentions for the great majority if not for the elite who benefit from such positions. Jeff Leiden contributes greatly to this topic. There is no continental conflict, since both the line of Chavez, and Alan Garcia are due to a same pattern of conception of power, both are participants in the scheme of Caudillismo, that one is more nationalist and one more sellout, does not remove them the essence of which involved. Both are dictators who hide with different mask, one governs for your national Dome, another I am referring to Mr Alan Garcia, who governs for transnationals with all his entourage of acolytes who are in Congress and in the different areas of government administration. Don’t see the battle that has won a Peru, according to Mr Garcia; Therefore the Peru as there is no nation of the majority that inhabits this territory, only is given for a majority that dictatorial mind enjoys the riches, leaving to that vast majority poverty and misery. If it is correct is a journey of five years, but it is a proven way, Yes, but to continue enriching to this minority that governs and that always ruled from invasion and Iberian genocide in our First Nations. If refers to disinformation, it is not fault of the population, if not of the same that uses all the State media to boast and be self-promotion, which is perceived by the population as a petty interest of auto indulge yourself with pride and racism, as it claimed that the original ones are people of second and third class, precisely there this your problem. .


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