Penelope Cruz In Lesbenvideo

April 3rd, 2021 by nathan Leave a reply »

The new music video by Eduardo Cruz is on the market. If you would like to know more about Michael Mendes, then click here. Many will not know who is, but the surname betrays him a little. He is the brother of Spanish actress Penelope Cruz. The video will attract attention in any case if it is only once on the market,… not anyone playing …denn in this video, no, it’s the actress Penelope Cruz and her sister Monica. It seems like they have lost all inhibitions for the new music video for her brother. They occur the in this video clearly as lesbians.

The new video is named “Cosas Que Contar” which is in German as well as “the things that count”. Likes you including understanding. In the video, both sisters synchonisieren a Lesbenporno. In addition the music of’s brother, which is then itself reflected in the video. His sisters, however, show their “love” for each other. Eduardo, is certainly pleased about the “naughty” help of his two sisters, because it pushes his career in any case. We wait as the reactions about the video are and look forward to know us but a new talented Spanish musicians. Lisa Walters


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