PDFs Security

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As every year for a few already this 2010 prestigious publication centered in the world of the computer science security Bulletin Virus started up a new delivery of its conference of security VB Conference to which they attended about 600 experts in security whom spoke more of the varied subjects, from ciberterrorismo to Backhat CATHEDRAL, botnets, networks of trade, and arrives here most interesting, on well-known format pdf. Concretely Paul Baccus, investigator of the Sophos company, was the one in charge to distribute a conference centered in format pdf and their well-known dangers of security that as much they have given of that to speak lately (in which we took of year have detected four at least important new faults of security related to the format of Adobe and its reader of PDFs). But Baccus did not only remain in this, also it realised a sounding enters the assistants VB2010 on if format pdf would have to disappear due to its insecurity and being replaced by a new standard. The results were forceful. Nothing else and nothing less than a 97% of there present experts in security were in favor of the abolition of the format that occupies to us and of the creation of a new standard, results that have much logic since nowadays format pdf has become new caramel preferred of the bad boys who populate the network to infect right and left and those of Adobe have demonstrated to be quite ineffective against them. Obvious we are speaking of a very small study, but that of 600 experts in security working for the most seeded of the industry a 97% declares to be in agreement with the abolition of format pdf, it is a blow to Adobe and its format and a forceful call of attention so that the batteries are put in one go. Personally I hope that Adobe does not decide by the tantrum but on the most intelligent and fruitful route: to recognize its errors and to work hard in solving them.


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